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Preventing Screen Blanking

After searching and finding a lot of suggestions, the correct answer is:
  1. Run apt-get install xscreensaver to install xscreensaver

  2. From the app menu, go to preferences... screensaver

  3. Select Disable Screensaver

Automatically launching a GUI app

This one was a little weird, but apparently there's a standard on this nowadays? Since PIXEL uses LXDE, These instructions are correct, reproduced below in a more consise fashion:
  1. Edit the file at ~/.config/autostart/.desktop (creating one if necessary)

  2. Create an entry like so:
    [Desktop Entry]

    Where app is what you would run from the command line.

  3. Save the file and restart to test. (I had difficulty with running bash scripts or compound command lines from here [i.e. sleep 1; chromium-browser --kiosk http://url.url/url], so experimenting is key)
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