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Last night I noticed some kids hanging out on my stoop. My parents are away and my brothers were having a party at the time, so I checked with my brothers to ensure the loiterers were not theirs. They weren't, so I asked them to please get off my stoop. This one kid said no, he wouldn't, he and his friends lost something and anyways they were only going to be a few seconds. Oh, and he also swore at me. I asked him if he had already looked for it, and he said he had, so I repeated the request. He said he wouldn't, after all, what would I do, call the cops? The cops know him, he said, and they'd just laugh. He then said that he'd likely been in the neighborhood longer than I had, even though he was half my age and called me a yuppie.

This is about where I truly lost control of the conversation. I told him I grew up in the neighborhood. Never saw me, he said. Probably because I have a job and a life. This went on for a while until one of my brothers came out and also asked them to leave. The kid then said that if I wasn't going to call the cops, then he'd just have to fight me right there on the street.

Eventually, one of my brothers' friends came out, knew the kid through his sister (they are much more integrated into the locals than my family and I are) and gave him $10 for his lost property, and he went on his merry way.

The lost property? A dime bag, of course. They wanted to smoke up on my stoop. Which would open my parents' property up to search and seizure in case a police officer wanted to make a case of it. Which would have been bad for my dear brothers' party, no?

I just felt so helpless and useless. I hope tonight goes better.
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Not sleeping (not insomnia, just lack of time spent in bed)
Walking around
Back pain
Getting married (soon)
Work slowness
Difficult decisions
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My first entry was pretty thin, about not much in particular. One thing to note was how much I've stopped talking about here. Other entries from that day talk about my grades in High School like they mattered. Weird.

Voice Post

Mar. 1st, 2009 02:04 pm
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Edit: While my wristwatch and the car's clock both said I was 4 minutes late, and my cellphone said I was 2 minutes late, the Zipcar website says I returned on time. I hope the site keeps that decision.
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And now the ceiling has caved in too:

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So it appears that there is some major problem with the test I'm currently running at work, but the bigger problem is that while my coworkers were trying to debug the issue yesterday, they managed to trip the breaker for our bench's UPS, causing the whole thing to shut down. Now I have to bring the bench up from a cold boot, which is always fun. Luckily, someone already reset the breaker, which is good, because I wouldn't want to flip the wrong switch on the UPS!

There's snow on the ground here. It was wet in Secaucus. Dry in Harlem, if I remember right, which is doubtful as my memory doesn't work so well at 6:30a.

Missed the MSI show last night due to a bunch of unforeseen circumstances. At least I have a few albums of theirs on my work computer.

No one's online, but it's good because I need to finish what I'm working on so I can... I guess retry the broken test yet again?
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Internet & TV are out at my parents'. So I'm listening to dance music radio and reading The Economist while I eat my French toast. How's your morning?
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I can has no more cold, plz? How was your day in lolcat speak?
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My email posts haven't been working lately, so that explains some of my failure to post. The rest is explained by work and by being sick.
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I really like the ornate facade on this building. It's on Montague St. in Brooklyn. I was lucky enough to catch the morning sun on the day I got my first ZipCar.

Today is Wednesday, the day of the week I don't make plans on. Therefore, I stand a chance of getting the a/c out of the window, as well as doing some ironing. I hope I can get to both of these. Maybe do some laundry? Boring, I know, but when I'm busy all weekend, it's hard to get the vital stuff done. The good news is that laundry is highly parallelizable.

I think I may have started posting too often. Sorry. And sorry about apologising so often. Last night, Erin and I went to Fairway, and on the way back I began to crash hard. Maybe it was that I was tired, maybe I was tired of the messed up schedule at work, who knows. I do know that I became a liability and an annoyance at that point. I could argue that I always am, but I know that's not true, so I can kill that loop pretty quickly.

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It seems we have a new artist inside the train shelter. Simple, direct block lettering seems to be the rule here. I guess we've gone from anarchists to narcisists.

My CyberSecurity class is still awesome. I think I might even have my paper idea already: a very old, but not yet heavily exploited cross-site forgery request that doesn't need anything fancy like JavaScript to help it work, just IMG tags will do.

I am very angry at my school. Back in August, I registered for 2 classes and 2 hours after I paid for them, they cancelled one. I emailed them asking when I'd see my money again. They said, 'The refund period begins Sept. 8.' So on Thursday I start wondering where my refund check in, so I ask again. Four days later, I get an email saying that they'll put in my request today and I'll get my check in about 2 weeks. Assuming instant depositing and crediting of said check, which isn't going to happen, it'll still be 2 days late for my credit card bill. I tried calling, but no luck.

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A lovely piece commenting on and written on a SVA ad.

Shifting my sleep schedule this week is sucking a whole lot thus far. Saturday night fun kept me away from home and distracted until nearly 4. (Don't misunderstand me, it was a very good time, I should have just been more careful.) Last night chores and TV kept me up past 1. This morning sees me up at 540, like usual. Maybe I need some caffeine, or maybe I need a kick in the head to be more responsible with my sleep patterns. Tonight, I have TKD in Brooklyn with Howard. I should go straight home after that, as I'm often tempted to go to my parents', which always gets me home late.

School still hasn't refunded me the 3k they owe me and my credit card bill is due in about 2 weeks. I'm rather annoyed, as you might imagine. I sent an email asking for further info on Thursday (previous messages said the refund period was starting on the 8th). If I don't hear from them today, I'll be calling my CC company and disputing the charge.

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Yep, I definitely borked my Windows install, and I'm pretty sure I know where and how I did it, but it's impossible to repair at this point. At this rate, I may just wipe my entire partition table, go buy Vista Ultimate at some online OEM store, and do it that way. Or I could just steal Erin's XP CD, but I don't know if Dell has XP drivers for my machine. I guess that can be my research project for the next few days.

Parking last night took me about an hour. Not so fun, but that's what Carroll Gardens parking is.

Sometimes while driving I am shocked at how intuitive it is. It becomes like my forms, where if I think about it while doing it, I think I'm doing everything wrong, and am about to fix it, when I realize I was doing the right thing the whole time, and the correction is the error. This seems to especially happen to me when I check my right mirror. No, I don't know why.

Also, driving for about 2 hours hurts my right knee, right below (not under) the kneecap. Does this happen to anyone else? When it happens to me, it feels like doing a quadriceps stretch would fix it, but it doesn't get fixed this way, just walking on it eventually works it out.

one week

Sep. 12th, 2008 12:03 am
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There you go. No more bruise, but it hurts to the touch. I'll keep wrapping it up for quite a few more weeks, but I think I'm done taking pictures of it.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By xoder at 2008-09-10

See the original at: http://magic.falseblue.com/output/1221072443.png

If you don't get it, it's entirely OK... it means you had a social life while I was busy playing cards with people who hated me.
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I did not need a message, signed 'US Govt' on my whiteboard in the lab criticizing my work ethic and negatively comparing me to my benchmate, while mocking my habits (tea, many meals, etc.).
I did not need a (accidentally) passive-agressive note from Erin over my Graffiti Wall (regarding my cleanliness habits).
But I especially did not need 3 different species of roach crawling around in the clean silverware drawer.

Needless to say I freaked a little, though I had enough presence of mind not to crush them into the utensils. All the utensils are now clean, including the ones I used for breakfast this morning. Turns out I do have time to do such things in the morning (I didn't think I did).

I feel bad for getting all wound up last night though. I yelled at Erin, which she totally didn't deserve. I couldn't sleep because I felt so angry and guilty (<4hrs). And tonight I'll be going to a free Dorian Spencer concert. I'm not very good at this sleep thing.


Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:54 am
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I dig the book these statues are contemplating.

New train schedules out today. They don't seem to affect my commute, even on Sundays. I'm starting to contemplate whether I want to start doing my overtime by coming in early during the week instead. I really like the idea of a 2-day weekend. On the other hand, in order to do that, I have to get to work on the 550 train from Penn. Which is a little bit earlier than my current 745 train.

The past few days I've been feeling kinda down on myself. I've got no reason why, of course, which only makes it more frustrating. I just want to sleep for a few days. Not really an option, that. The best part is that I've started feeling guilty for all the time I'm wasting in this little hole of ick. And of course, only an ass would waste so much time on this self-indulgent crap.

I'm sure a full work day w/ no lunch break so I can leave earlier will improve my mood immensely.

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Erin got this neat steel rack to go over the back of our sink. This is great because it prevents water from pooling back there as much. It also organizes the things we have back there, and lets them dry out more easily. As I said, it's pretty excellent.

I'm going to try a transit experiment today. Instead of transferring to a train that goes direct to Penn, I'm going to stick to this D and walk the block above ground. Hopefully I'll still make it in OK time.

Today I'm even more awkward than normal. I have a dark grey short-sleeve button-down, brown slacks, and black shoes and belt. I have a reverseable belt at home that is brown, but I have no brown shoes, so that still fails. And I only have black dress socks anyways.

Yesterday I finally got that haircut I've been bitching about. My head is much cooler. My parents both like it as does Erin, so I must not have screwed it up too badly.

This train idea would have worked better if the train moved faster than 2mph. Oh well. Missed it.

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I've been seeing a lot of pyramids lately. Must be the Illuminati (weird for the name of a secret society to be in my phone's dictionary, don't you think?).

Work has been very slow lately and it's mostly my fault. I know I'm going to get made fun of today because I've got a new shirt, a shiny polo instead of the matte button-downs I usually wear.

I hate clothes. I've mentioned this before. It feels like the rules are arbitrary and arcane. I have my own style, but it largely consists of me finding things that let me blend in. I have very few bright colors, and though I like witty T-shirts, I often avoid wearing them because I don't like the attention. Actually that was a large reason I didn't like talking about the engagement. I don't like being the center of attention. Which is weird, because I love throwing myself big birthday parties. That's different, though, because I like giving my friends the opportunity to chill with each other. Speaking of, anyone have any party ideas?

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This is Erin, menacing the eggplants. Can you feel their fear?

Yesterday, I screwed up my alarm, so I missed practice. I also missed helping J. & I. move. We did get to chill with Alex and Kitri, though. But the whole time I had a headache and I was tired. I thought it might be dehydration, but water didn't help. Maybe it was caffein? In the end, I went to bed at 915 and likely fell asleep before 10. Which is handy if you're going to wake up before 6 to go to work the next day.

I also have a draft entry, written while I wasn't feeling very good detailing why and how I suck. I think I'll delete it and stop writing when I feel unwell, as the result is never good, and I never actually post it.

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