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Last night, talking with Uncle David about the various snacks that were available. Whole bunches of cookies and chocolates. I joked, "It's almost like you knew we were coming." David corrected me, "It's more like Grandpa knew you were coming."

The butterscotch candies are still where they always were, on the living room table. The organ is still here, with Dies Irae on the top of the stack of sheet music. My parents and my uncles and aunt did not notice that, but I brought it to their attention. Grandpa loved classical music, so the goal is a "Classical Funeral" as my dad put it. He jokingly wonders how the Baptist relatives will like it, but whatever.

My dad turned on the Australian Open. Apparently some upsets going on over there. But he's not watching, just talking to everyone. I'll be joining them in a second.

My brothers and I stayed at a local Motel 6, which Nick discovered to be a "House of Ill Repute", so we're checking out. I was mostly bothered by the lack of Internet access, but I should be getting that shortly (also by grabbing my father's laptop).

OK. Brothers just showed up, I'll head back to family stuff.
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My dad called me just as I got back from lunch. I missed his call, and he asked me to call him back, no other content in his message. I knew what that meant.

Yesterday my grandfather (on my Dad's side, and my last remaining grandparent) went into a coma. He has been moved from his home to a hospice. Doctors are unsure whether he'll make it the next day or two, or recover completely. Well, as completely as a 92-year-old man with metastizing prostate cancer (it was found in his bones about a year ago) can recover completely from anything.

Just looped "New York Winter" by Dorian Spencer three times in a row, as it's the best 9/11 song I know, and he helped me a lot that day, since Minneapolis is far away from what was the highly overloaded switches near NYC that day.

I've already talked to my boss about what will need to be done when the inevitable happens, so I'm administratively prepared. I was not emotionally prepared for what I knew intellectually, though.
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Robert Anton Wilson died today at the age of 74. The acclaimed author and godfather of Discordianism is survived by mills of fans.

His Illuminatus! Trilogy was a profound influence on me and it's what drew me to Discordianism in the first place. Without it, I'd have never met [livejournal.com profile] malual, who brightened my Rochester experience so much, and if I had never met her, it's likely her husband [livejournal.com profile] faboo wouldn't have either.

I gotta go read some more of his books sometime soon.
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For some reason I feel we need to start making jokes about this day. That way we can begin to turn it away from something that was done to us and turn it to something we own. Just to clarify: I do not wish to suggest that I want all our decisions as a nation to be filtered through this day — quite the opposite — but instead I want for it to become a piece of our history rather than a piece of sensationalized crap. Like July 4, or November 11, and so on. It should be a day for respect and remembrance (and maybe a day off from work), not a day for paranoia, stress, hate, xenophobia, or any of the other bullshit that the TeeVee, Radio, Intarbus, &c. are helping us feed ourselves with.
Yesterday Erin thought I was making a joke about it. I crushed one of those big Arizona cans (you know, the 23.5 oz for 99 cents ones?). Sometimes when I do that the can goes flying away because it's very important that the path of the heel is directly downward to ensure that the top is directly squished onto the bottom due to the added height. When I crushed this can, I managed to keep the top and bottom within 4 horizontal inches from each other — not quite one on top of the other, but close. I said, "Almost as good as a skyscraper." Because, you see, skyscrapers are built with a certain amount of sway tolerance (generally about a foot or more) to account for wind and things. (Probably on the West Coast they're built with even more sway.)
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