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I was performing some kind of experiment up in the Arctic. It was a comms/radio experiment much like the one we're doing down here in GA right now. For a while, we were all (30-50 people) working in one location, then we traveled to another location, and as we were returning to base (on a truck-pulled convoy of personal sleds [about 0.5m square) we passed that original location, and I saw that I left my laptops there, namely, this one, and a work one. I was able to grab the work laptop while we were sledding, but I missed my personal one. Fgrir Qnivqfba (one of the guys in charge at my current experiment, and a Enlgurba employee) was in front of me, and called for a halt for me. Everyone piled off in excitement that our journey was paused, and I retrieved my laptop.

I'll take, "I've been here for too long" for $200, Alex.

PS: I have used ROT-13 to Google-proof key details.
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This was a very little dream.

I found my New York State quarter ring on my left hand, instead of right where it belongs, and a New Mexico state quarter ring on my right. My wedding ring was nowhere to be found.

That was it.

READER NOTE: If you've not seen it, [livejournal.com profile] erin_trying gave me a ring many years ago that was made out of a New York state quarter.
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This morning I had two dreams. The first had me at Brooklyn Bridge park and someone was talking about how hard it is to start a fire. I took a cloth suitcase, filled it with accelerants and set the Manhattan bridge (and most of lower Manhattan) on fire. I distinctly recall the image of the flames flying up the buildings. Then I tossed the suitcase into the East River, where it exploded in a lovely fireball. After that I was in Battery Park meeting with Joe and Kit from Fordham TKD and I was debating telling them that I did it.
The next dream was simpler. I was at a friend's house (the same friend featured in this friends-locked entry). She said something like, "No sex, no. Not unless IP2 goes down." [I distinctly remember "IP2", which must be some corruption from dealing with "eth2" and such at work all the time.] I said that was easy to fix and took my computer and started to do things to her router while she watched. She neither stopped nor encouraged me.

I guess I was in a destructive mood?
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I was at Packer, visiting my Tae Kwon Do teacher. I knew that he decided to teach school there to supplement his income, though I'm not sure why he didn't go to "Tae Kwon Do High", as I jokingly call Bay Ridge Prep. While there, I went upstairs to see my old writing tutor. The stairs had all their handrails replace with extremely ornate gothic brasswork including many "fiddly bits" and gargoyles. I went to the chapel, which is where my tutor's office was, but her door had been replaced with one of those sliding accordion-style plastic doors (done in 70's-era dark woodgrain style). Instead of my tutor, however, I saw [livejournal.com profile] msanborn lazily lounging on the floor (there may have been a thin mattress?). I had clearly just woken her up, and then I woke up and the dream was over.
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I was robbing some place with a bunch of guys, but while we were about to get out, I sensed something was wrong and fell to the back of the group. I think I tried to warn the other guys when I noticed one guy break off and reach into his pocket. I bolted and was around the corner before he could get off a shot. I heard other shots, presumably for the other guys, but he did begin shooting at me, but my range and evasiveness meant he didn't hit me.

Or at least he didn't hit me before I woke up, one minute before my alarm.

I blame the movie I caught some of that Chris was watching last night. I forget the title, but it was a black and white movie about some law students who devise a plan to rob a casino on Thanksgiving break. One of them is a Korean War vet, and one of them goes crazy, pulls a gun on them before they can start and forces all of them to do the plan and give him the money. There's a shootout in a robotic parking garage. It was on TMC last night.

Pic entirely unrelated.

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I was at various things, most of which I've forgotten, but it ended at a party. [livejournal.com profile] faboo was there, along with a host of Bronx Science folk, but it was mostly people I don't know. I do remember getting separated from faboo thanks to someone talking to me, so I eventually had to go look for him. He was outside in some kind of courtyard/patio thing. I remember the inside of the apartment was spare, with white walls and hardwood floors. faboo was discussing philosophy with someone, but both were a little impaired, so the discussion was rather unfocused. I decided to head back inside where a tallish Asian guy that I vaguely recognize from HS came up to me and said that he and (this other person) were going to be on Hot 97. I asked if that was the rapper guy he hangs out with, and he said, "yes, but before we do that, we're gonna take some E!!!" and he turned around, arms triumphant to go into another room.

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So I was getting out of a Tae Kwon Do trip, but for some reason I was in PA, in some weird cross of Hawley and Montreal, Canada. My parents came up to pick me up with both my brothers, but they were a little lost. So I rollerbladed out to where they were supposed to be, as they zoomed past me. They had to leave town to be able to get back to where I was before. I kept chasing, though, rolling past a black wolf that was clearly dead and leathered, more or less posted in front of a family's campsite (which was in the middle of town, for some reason). Eventually they called me and said they had figured out where they needed to be, so I should go there. So I 'bladed back, past the wolf again and down through an industrial loading area when I woke up.
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Erin and I were living in Harlem still, although it looked a lot like the area just south of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side. We went to a concert with my parents and brothers, at the end of which the little bar was opened up to look like an old school gym. I wondered about why there are so many old, unused school buildings if we're perpetually over capaacity. There was someone there teaching us a dance move. I went up along with four other people, one of them was Mike (the headmaster fo my TKD school). I got the move right on the first try.

Fast forward a little bit.

Now I'm helping a family that's being harassed by a local magnate trying to convince them to do things they don't want to do [I blame this part on the fact that I've been reading Ben Bova's Rock Rats lately], like sell off or something. The situation has deteriorated to the point where a burglar has come into their store every night, even though the family has been sleeping in the store. I join them one night. The burglar is a big guy. The family sleeps toward the front of the store, so the time the bad guy's toward the back, I get up from fake sleeping and tell him that he oughta go. He pulls out a knife (that looks a lot like my roommate Chris' knife) and says, "Don't you know that you shouldn't disturb burglars, or they might hurt you?" I say that I didn't know that, and that I'd better tell my friend that. I raise my voice and shout at the other person there who was going to help me protect the family, "Did you know that you aren't supposed to disturb buglars." When he gets up, I move toward the front of the store and repeat my question to wake the rest of the family.

Suddenly he's close to me. He realizes he can't kill us all, and that he can't steal any more, and that we're between him and the exit. [Then I have one of those weird rewind/redo bits again where I'm working on the specific techniques that would help me and disable the burglar.]

End dream.
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I dreamed that a friend of mine who I've been seeing a lot more of recently came on to me while we were at some place that was a weird combination of Amagansett and Chelsea. We had some nice hot makeouts and were going to have sex but I woke up.

The question is, do I tell her? If so, how so? I've thought her attractive for a while now, but she's involved, and there are other complicating factors that tell me I should just let it pass for a decade or two when we can all laugh at it. And I'm really tempted to put a note in here saying who it is so I can look back to it, but I think it'll just be easier to make a private post link back to here instead.


Aug. 19th, 2006 07:39 am
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I'm hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] rosefox and [livejournal.com profile] sinboy and we're waiting in what must be one of our neighborhoods, but reminds me more of a neighborhood in the Bronx that I was in years ago, for our groceries to be ready from the supermarket/bodega that we went to. We have some time to wait, so we go to a local schoolyard that looks a lot like my schoolyard at PS 29 (my elementary school). There's some kind of scaffolding about 15 feet up, and there's a shed-ish thing up around 8 foot high. They are in an "L" formation, so you can climb up from one to the other, which we do. Then we start jumping from the top one to the middle one and from there to the bottom. I go first, then Rose. Some random interloper comes along and asks, "Has anyone done the Free Bird yet?" Somehow we all know this is jumping straight from the top level, which Josh does immediately. He throws his arms out first in a expression of exultation, or something before jumping.

He lands on [livejournal.com profile] charleniehead, or was it [livejournal.com profile] malaul? The dream is unclear on this point and, to my mind, keeps switching. Both jumper and jumpee are mildly injured so I rush to one (I'm pretty sure it's Josh) to see how they're doing. Nothing appears broken or sprained, but he does hurt very much. Same thing presumably with the lady, as she gets up and walks around. Something else hits her, but I don't know what, and she comes down. At this point, she definately is Faelan, because I remember that she said her ass hurt, so we lifted up her skirt and removed a pointy rock that had lodged itself in her asscheek, and it was a white asscheek. For some reason it didn't bleed much. We all looked at each other as if we were ready to go home now, and then the dream ends.
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So I'm walking up the Kosciuszko Bridge from the Brooklyn side, (isn't ths the second time I've dreampt of walking up this bridge?) and I'm pushing a cart up. The hardest part is not the weight of the cart, but rather the steepness of the incline (its much worse than in real lfe), and the fact that I'm deathly afraid of the height (which I'm not in real life). The whole field is tilting and tipping (thanks to vertigo), but someone from RIT (I think) is encouraging me to make it to the top. Just before I hit the top, it becomes too vertical to continue, but my cheerleader person is encouraging me and with a final burst of effort I get the cart up to the flat top of the bridge. I let go of the cart (because its flat) and I walk over to the edge of the bridge and look down. I get a spinning feeling and the dream ends.
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So, I'm exploring the basement of some largely abandoned building. I find a giant pool, with incredibly clear blue water. Well-lit, even though the rest of the place is not. I jump in, and it's cold, but fresh. As I move between the pillars, I find that it is warmer towards the far end, where there seems to be pumps going through. I stop paying attention for a moment (maybe a fast-forward) and the place becomes a park. There's a small handful of people here, including my mom, just enjoying the water. There's a girl with long, poofy black hair (slightly Indian, maybe?) who I befriend. She's from Long Island, and wants to hang out later today. I say sure, and we start setting things up, when I realize that I already said I was going to spend the day with [livejournal.com profile] shoujo_mallet, so I have to beg off. Last thing I remember is walking away from the place on a very overly landscaped park-like place.

This other dream opens with a cinematic-style pan down. Starts at blue sky and pans down to this single-story school, continues panning down to the cracked brown earth (which I associated immediately with Arizona), and then down to (of all people) Cedric the Entertainer, his face looking much like the earth.
He sneaks into the school and gets a glass of water or three, finds something supicious (or at least I assume so, as there has to be a reason for the rest of the stuff I do in this dream, even though I don't know what he saw) and leaves.
In order for us (myself and my never-seen partner (no, I don't think it's Cedric)) to set things right, we need to take over the school, and before we can do that, we need certain things. As I write this, I don't know what we got first, but it was an entirely sucessful operation. Then we needed to get the FAP—The Facial Recognition (Access?) Program (Profile?). I lead two kids down into the catacombs under the school (I was able to get away by sending some kids into the pool when they weren't supposed to be, causing a distraction which let me and my chosen pair get to where the FAP was kept. I download it onto a magstripe card (sure, can't you fit a major image processing program into 30k?), and then we are trapped in a small (4' x 4'?) room made of light tan stone and with two doors. There's a bank of buttons each with fine black text written in the "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style. The buttons light up when pressed. But there's a buzz with all the buttons as I run down, and their light turns off, while the one on the bottom stays lit until I release the button I pressed.
Finally I press the persistant button on the bottom, which reads something like "JD lead you here", and the other stone door slides open. We rush out into a verdant mid-atlantic forest. Somehow I'm in contact with my partner (who is not visible at this time), who says something about knowing where to go as he's from Maryland, and that's the end of the dream.
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So, faboo and I were travelling by Subway somewhere to a station that kinda reminds me of the Borough Hall station, but not quite. We got separated and met in a sit-down area (maybe Grand Central). I knew we were on vacation from something. faboo is sitting at a table for four, and as I attempt to join him, a woman in a sky blue pantsuit tells me that I cannot sit there, and as we are both submissive, could we both please sit over here. I try to look at faboo, but before I do, she says my name, and glances over to her partner, who I don't see, but I can feel them behind me. She knows we're in town to see a concert.

Cut back to me changing some applicaion for vacation to all "W"s to prevent this event happening.

[I guess I realize that is all ridiculous and so...]

Cut forward to me running, and calling [livejournal.com profile] charleniehead on my cell, trying to figure out a place to meet that I can describe by reference to our past when they weren't watching me, so I refer to the Brooklyn Museum by way of the night we both went there.

[Wake up.]
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So we're walking along the BQE. It's me, [livejournal.com profile] caffeniatrixx, [livejournal.com profile] shoujo_mallet, and one other—I want to say [livejournal.com profile] faboo, but I really don't know. We walk up the Kosciuszko bridge, and along the top bit we see approximately six kids just sitting there. Its very late, so there are no cars, and we are just walking on the road bit. Some of the kids are hanging along the outside of the railing. We didn't know what to do, so we didn't get involved, and kept walking. We were thinking about calling 911, but I don't remember if we did. Then we start walking down the Brooklyn side of the bridge. I'm terrified by the height and the slope. I walk carefully down along the dividing line (which is a rope, for some reason). A cop is driving up the road we are walking down on, and we signal him to stop. I ask if he's there for the kids, he says yes, and I tell him to not let us stop him. We continue down the hill, and there is a couple that is lost. A cop standing on a sidewalk in the median tells them that they need to come over there to get on the subway. I think it would be nice to get on the subway at this point.

[End Dream]
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My family was rich and famous, or something, and we were trying to discretely ditch the people we were with to get to a deserted island. Unfortunately, the people running the tour didn't properly deal with some of their passengers, and I had to jump in and swim one of them to shore. Nick and I are at shore (a very small coral wall exists at the shore), and he finds this green translucent snail with a plain brown shell. He asks me why its green, and I tell him because it is. He asks a few more times, and I tell him the same. At some point the snail ends up on my leg and I feel a bite, I knock off the snail and I see a little white thing, which I instantly decide is a maggot. It now makes sense that the snail was not retracting when Nick was harassing it—it couldn't because its shell was filled with maggots.

End dream.
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  • [livejournal.com profile] jojothepezgirl told me she loved me and gave me a kiss
  • the elevators in NRH were on the side of the quad, and had windows
  • Nick (sr design partner) was in it
  • there kept being gatherings in my room, but I don't remember who and why
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I was at a party. It was a gathering in a park, daytime. There were various activities, including a cappella sing-alongs, and for some reason I thought BCS and 8-beat Measure were there, among others. I was interested in singing one of the songs, so I came in as a bass, and they invited me into a circle.

After that I had to go somewhere else, but I returned on my rollerblades at night. But the park was on a hill, and I couldn't stop using my heel-brake, so I turned into a side-stop, which should only work on ice. This gets me to stop, but then I go backwards a little before recovering and going into the park. All the while, I have this Dave Matthews Band song stuck in my head, "Ants Marching".


Then I'm at a non-descript lake-like area (there's a large shed off to one side). I'm involved in a competition with people from Packer Day Camp and Tor. A question is asked, you have to swim to one end of the lake, grab the correct answer from the overhanging wire, and swim back. The first team back with the correct answer wins. [Anyone recognize this game? I can't quite place it, but its very familiar.] I was a detached observer at this point, following the last two competitors from an above 3/4 angle, much like how swimming is shot in the Olympics. One is swimming crawl stroke, grabs an answer and turns around. The other person swam down with fly, and is actually two people, and they grab a different answer, and look dejected on the wall. Then they realize the other team got a different answer than they did, so they return back.

END Dream
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So, I'm at a mall with several friends. This mall's central attraction was a long conveyor belt that was used to melt chocolate or do weird things with the gelly candy.

We end up in some kind of science store, and all of a sudden, Bill Gates slides in on some supporting lines so he can fly about. He asks if anyone is willing to challenge him. I stand at the other side of the store with my hands up. He jumps at me, I easily block him and step in. This repeats a few times, and then I kick at him, but I am tackled by his second in command (a smaller and better-looking Steve Ballmer). We move off into a corner, where I subdue him on the floor as the cops move in. For whatever reason, I felt an obligation to not get him in trouble, so I held him off in the corner.

We walk out, he runs away. I go see the cops booking three people. Bill, some other kid, and this like 15-y.o. black kid. I scream at them, "He had nothing to do with this! Which one of you's the racist?!"

I return to my friends. One of them made something out of gelly letters that is an anagram that implies I'll never get a job at MS.

The rest of the dream I spend melting chocolate with friends.

End Dream
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So there was [livejournal.com profile] faboo, this other kid, and myself, and we were walking and taking the subway in the Bronx. Nowhere in particular I recognized. We went to a very hoity toity part (kinda reminded me of places in Borum Hill), and went into a garden-level coffee shop and I recognized someone. They had an apartment board, of sorts. We were looking for an apartment for faboo and he mentioned a few places, one near Prospect Park, but he says the neighborhood isn't that good (I slightly disagree with him, but apparently it is in the baddish section). Then he pulls out this little chunk of metal and places it on the table, says, you know, these come from Roll'n Roasters (a very small chain of 50's-schtick diners in Brooklyn), and he said there was someone else he knew who needed a roommate and he said he would mention faboo, as a friend of Huber's (as in Will Huber, the former editor of Reporter), faboo didn't know what he was talking about, but I talked over him to help him get the apartment.

The guy we were initially with was left behind and we took the guy from the coffee shop to Ohio State's campus in the Bronx (is there one? I have no idea). It looked incredibly industrial, and the new guy wanted to jump the fence to play with all the old rusted machinery. (train tracks, grain loaders, large pipes, fences. in particular there was this one big grain loader on a hill overlooking a pipe delivery thing, everything felt like it should have been brown-grey — all grass dead, all machinery slightly rusted).

End Dream.
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I was going to the dentist. That was done, but then I had to go home, which for some reason took me through a police station. I was stopped and booked. I asked the arresting officer what he was going to charge me with and he said, "I ain't gotta charge you with nothin', kid, just book ya'." Fast forward. I'm getting out of the station, I ask, where's my jacket at. I'm lead into a cluttered office by the little lady officer. This older guy asks me to sit down and makes some small talk. He explains that the state has a "Radialert" system for collecting information on suspects by pointing to a screen with "Radialert" on it. I'm still confused as the sign fades into video, which I recognize as Chris' foot and him pushing what I've always known as a push-popper. Cut to him in a bathroom much like my second floor one at home, but with a metal toilet allowing me to see him. I realize the video was taken from his camera phone. I ask, "What has he done this time?" and then corrected myself with, "What is he accused of this time?" He sits down to use the toilet and my alarm goes off.
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