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This calculates the amount of money to put on your Metrocard to reach an integer number of fares. Runs on Android 1.6 and up. Enable "Unknown sources" in your Applications menu. Built with Android App Inventor. Very very slow at this time. Rotating screen causes the values to reset. Have patience and click "Wait" instead of "Force Close"
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So I've been following FiveThirtyEight for my electoral vote predictions lately (and having Electoral-Vote text me every morning...). I really like their statistical method, running 10,000 simulations every morning with the new polling data. And the simulations are not pure Monte Carlo, but rather known ways that states and groups of states tend to move. The key graphs I wish to go over right now are:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

The first image has the "Win Percentage" graph, which says that in 90.7% of those 10,000 simulations (or about 9070 of them), Obama wins. This figure comes into play later, but I want to focus on the more interesting chart, specifically the first two rows. The chance of Obama winning the Electoral vote but losing the popular is 5.07% (507 of 10,000 simulations) and the chance of the same happening to McCain is 1.10% (110/10,000). A cursory glance would make it seem like Obama has a five-times greater chance of pulling a Hayes. However, given that Obama has a 90.7% of winning, then, if he wins, he has a 5.07/90.7 = 5.59% chance of that victory being a Hayes-ian one. But, if McCain wins, he has a 1.1/9.3 = 11.9% chance of that victory being Hayes-ian — double that of Obama.

For more on this wacky mathematics, check out Bayes' Theorem, and be glad it's used to filter your spam!
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By xoder at 2008-09-10

See the original at: http://magic.falseblue.com/output/1221072443.png

If you don't get it, it's entirely OK... it means you had a social life while I was busy playing cards with people who hated me.
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You're going to need to click on this one to see its full glory.

I had a dream last night, but I remember very little of it except that I was killing a small creature. I don't know if it was a fish or rodent. I was killing it by smashing it on something, and I recall notching its eye and remarking on the gash. Sorry for the downer.

Today is the last day I'll be able to go to TKD class for a week, thanks to the holiday.

Does anyone know of a place that does good, on-demand-ish satellite photography? Do they offer framed prints? I'm looking for a nice, hi-res photo of a particular location, but Google Earth only draws upon a crummy 15m shot from 1999. I'm hoping for at least a 3m one, ideally better than 1m. Thanks!

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8/11: The one-year anniversary of my drivers license. At that point, I'll be able to get a ZipCar account, and that will be very handy, indeed.

9/10: My 25th birthday. Any suggestions for party ideas?

Thanksgiving: Not only because of all the usual reasons (food, family, relaxation) but also it is the (currently) scheduled end of the current 6-day-week BS.

1/1: I'm not telling why, yet.

2/19: Analog TV gets turned off. I'm curious if there's going to be a Panic or what. I'm also curious about how long it will take for some enterprising hacker to use an old tuner to sniff whatever new traffic that is going up in that band.

Ma Bell?

Jul. 21st, 2008 07:54 am
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The 2600 van made it to HOPE, as usual. Emmanuel Goldstein, the Editor of the magazine calls it one of the greatest social engineering tools ever made. For instance, even though its color scheme is decades out of date, it is still able to go to and through restricted areas, including phone company facilities. Linemen wave to the van as it passes. Mostly, however, it is used to help the editor's friends move.

HOPE was a very good time. Much better than it was for me last time, largely thanks to Tom who was in town visiting. By now, if you follow such things, you'll know that 'The Last HOPE' is not the last HOPE, and there will be 'The Next HOPE' in 2010. For a while, I fell for it, but as the weekend progressed, I became more and more convinced that the con was simply going to take place somewhere else, hopefully somewhere bigger because the place was packed. But apparently that is not the case. So who wants to go w/ me in 2010?

I'm wicked sleepy now, but I hope to catch up eventually

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Weekends are, as we know, made for construction by the MTA. It appears that some Yankee fans with some crayons decided to help the bridge-and-tunnel set figure out how to get to the game this past weekend. The other sign is usually there when there's construction, so I think that's done by the attendant. Found in Penn Station.

Did some needed housework yesterday. My problem with a lot of housework, like dishes, for example, is that I'll do a good amount of work, but the sink will still be nigh-unusable, which makes me feel like I'm wasting my time. If doing the work provides no benefit, why am I doing it? Why am I stressing over it not being done if doing it accomplishes no measurable good?

Tonight Tom comes in and tomorrow is HOPE. So a busy weekend is ahead of me. I hope to see Batman, but I'm not expecting it...


Jul. 14th, 2008 07:59 am
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It's an interesting sticker, to be sure. I have to wonder, though: is it telling us to avoid free speech, or is it declaring 'AVOIDπ' to be free speech?

Last night, Erin and I saw Hellboy 2, and we both thought it was pretty good. It was fun and visually stunning. The only problem was the huge amount of foreshadowing gave away many of the plot points. It looks to me that they're making ready for a 3rd apocalyptic film. I'm excited.

Today is not a good day for my fitness regimes. I failed week 3 day 1 again, so I'm going to have to go back to week 2. I think I'll do it at a higher level, to better prepare me for week 3 take 2. I also left my pedometer at home. I mean I even wore that thing to Tom's wedding.

Speaking of, Tom's going to be staying at our place for HOPE, which I'm excited about. Also, since it's security-related, I get to take a paid day off work as 'Training'. Beat that!

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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I found this cool solar-burned photo on Google Street View last week. Enjoy a 1.3MiB PNG. That's what I get for desiring exactitude. Dial-up beware.
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Found on 53rd and 8th. Note the giant microwave horns on the top of the building. My guess, from my continued walk uptown, is that they provide data services to the Time-Warner Center, which have large, horizontally-oriented parabolic dishes. They, of course, point downtown and to the west, much like there horns point uptown and to the east.

Today is my run: 3.5 miles. Should be fun. I should do better than a 10-minute mile, as I consistently did those in the Catskills, and Central Park is considerably less hilly. But it will be much more crowded than any TKD race I've ran. Unfortunately, I forgot to in buy a cheap watch to keep my own time. I don't want to wear my nice stainless steel one, both because it is nice and because it is loose on my wrist.

See you at the finish line!

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I just downloaded Dr. Mario Online Rx and it is a good time! I can send you a limited demo version if you're already my Wii Friend. If you're not, become it!

My Dr. Mario Online Rx code is:
4099 0502 9063

Also, had a great time in the park today! Thanks all for coming out!
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My youngest brother says that Nintendo games are heavier than non-Nintendo ones. I think I may have bought one of the heaviest ones ever.

Working second shift today. I really appreciate that I can run errands on days like this, the Nintendo World release of Wii Fit. Erin is really excited about playing it, and as she's graduating tomorrow, she'll have tons of time for it. (While she's not looking for a job, or learning stuff on her own, or doing housework, &c.)

I've been reading 'Sissy Nation' lately, and while it is a fun read, the author has yet to present a solution out of our American Sissyhood. On the other hand, I'm less than 25 pages into a 165 page book, so that may be a little premature. :-)

To that end, back to the book.

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So, after some deliberation since my last post (sorry, friends-locked) on this, I've decided to go with the following image:

I decided that I found the hand of Eris in the middle to be a little distracting, and I like the pure geometry of the rest of the mandala. Same location (the upper left deltoid, aka under t-shirt sleeve), same size (~2.5 inches in diameter). I punched the mandala through Vector Magic to get an SVG version so all my future experiments with the image can be nice and smooth, regardless of resolution. For instance:

However, I still have some questions about the tattoo remaining:
  1. Where is a good, inexpensive but not cheap (get the difference?) place in NYC if I were to do it?Q. 4 from original post
  2. I have freckles on these spots, how will they interfere? Will they simply be obliterated by the black ink?
  3. [livejournal.com profile] amalthya recommended going towards the end of the summer, as getting it will ban me from swimming for some time. I'm guessing I shouldn't go there with a sunburn, but if I have a tan, how will that affect things?
  4. Are there any questions I should be asking that I am not?

Thanks all!
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><//*><*\\><><//*><*\\><><//*>  Written by mendel on an old MetaTalk post.


Jan. 27th, 2008 11:38 pm
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I am so excited right now.

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So I'm getting a new nearly sub-notebook in a few days. It comes with Vista, which I'll be keeping on it, just in case Spore ever actually comes out, but the rest of the time, I'll be using Linux. The laptop will have WiFi and Bluetooth, and I've found that there are very few good graphical programs for managing either, and all only work in the major Desktop Environments (KDE and Gnome). So, even though I'm getting used to Gnome at work (thanks Fedora Core, in your RPM muck), I'm thinking of going the KDE route. And I'm thinking, therefore, of going with Kubuntu for no-configuration Debian-derivative joy. However, I am very open to whichever distro can make suspend-to-disk easy and work with most (preferably my) laptops. Any suggestions? I have experience with Slackware, Gentoo (most recently and most in-depth), and a little bit of Debian. Sabayon (and the fact that it's Gentoo-derived) interests me, but I'm concerned the stock Intel video card will not be up to the task. I suppose for that last bit I can try the live CD out.


Dec. 8th, 2006 11:38 pm
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Made a new icon of me. My Mii. Currently set as default. We'll see how I like it.
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