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Billy Mays Here!


I plan to start using my very quiet Flickr account for uploading photos from my current travels, with my nice awesome new camera!

Yet again?

Oct. 26th, 2009 11:11 am
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LJ's syndicated feeds have stopped updating again. This is twice in recent memory. Maybe I should do like Erin and move to Google Reader...
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Facebook is now suggesting I become a fan of "Prayer In Schools," a group "To see how many people want the return of prayer to the public schools." Can I un-fan things?

I love the ignorant comments like, "I don't seem to remember having these kinds of problems back when we had prayer in schools," except that the first decision to restrict religious instruction in public schools was back in 1948, and the person who posted that was clearly in their mid-forties.
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Give me something controversial to post! I want to build up some big comment-driven madness today.

Caveat: I am not touching RaceFail'09 (if it's still going on), because I don't need that much heat.


Mar. 13th, 2009 02:10 pm
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Had to drop a lot of colors to get this icon to fit, but it works! Original photo by [livejournal.com profile] erin_trying.
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My email posts haven't been working lately, so that explains some of my failure to post. The rest is explained by work and by being sick.


Oct. 21st, 2008 04:01 pm
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You like the new icon?


Sep. 28th, 2008 02:08 pm
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This is a lovely piece of fried ice cream given to me on my birthday by the lovely waitress at the Thai place we go to at lunch every Thursday.

I filled up the previous message's text box, so I didn't get to talk about yesterday and how awesome it was.

First I got to teach 2 of Howard's classes as he was at the Black Belt summer trip. I really enjoy teaching TKD, so that was fun.

Then I went to my parents' house to celebrate my mom's birthday. But before the dinner, Erin, my youngest brother Nick, and I went to Costco for a small supply run. Small because time was short and small because we couldn't use the car to take the stuff home to Harlem.

After dinner we went out for drinks and s'mores with Bonnie, Rachel, and Jesse. Which was awesome. On the way back to Jesse's place, we stopped at my parents' to grab our stuff. Unfortunately, I didn't get the stuff I left there all week. And now my phone is low on juice. So my phone was off all night and is in airplane mode now.

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This is what happens when you steal a man's torso.

As these past 2 weeks have been 2nd shift, I've managed to break all the good habits I've been developing lately. For instance, I'm now back to 3 big meals instead of 5-6 small ones, and I stopped posting a picture to LJ every weekday. I wonder if I'll be able to get them back after I return to my normal schedule.

I don't have any nifty tales, as my life has been TKD and work and commuting lately. Because of the rain last night, I did not return to my apartment, opting to sleep at my parents' house instead.

I'd love to comment on the political situation right now (bailout, McCain suspension, &c.), but it all seems so surreal, I feel I must be missing something. I will say this: the FDIC cannot fail. With that piece of information, you should feel confident that you'll be able to get your deposits at any time.


Sep. 19th, 2008 01:30 pm
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Remember that "Take a photo of yourself" meme that's going around? Heck, even I did it. Click the link, it's an awesome 101-word story.


Sep. 4th, 2008 07:20 am
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Quickly, the photo is of some old train cars just outside Hoboken terminal. I'm not sure why they're there, but they've been there the past 2 weeks.

Last night was the Final Four concert for NYC soundtracks. The first act was decent, but generic. The second was not very good (you are not Luther Vandross, stop vamping like him). The third act, Dorian Spencer, was excellent, which makes sense, as he was the guy we went to see. The fourth was also very good, his name was Trevor Exter, and he played the cello like a guitar, almost entirely by picking, and even playing chords.

All in all, a pretty successful evening. But as always, I'm sleepy. This is most likely the sleep debt from Tuesday finally hitting me, but whatever.

If you'll forgive me, I've noticed that when I started posting photos daily, I got a ton of comments, but now it's resumed to its normal trickle. Is it because I haven't been commenting very much myself?

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Found this on 10th street and 3rd avenue in Manhattan. Not sure what it refers to, so I guess I should Google it. I tried to do that before with another piece I found, turned up nothing, and now the tagger left me a comment calling me a 'negative blogger'. I'll link to it once I've finished my response, which will be something along the lines of 'nothing against you, but that tag wasn't particularly good.'

Finally Friday has arrived, so only 8 more hours in the office. I've been very dumb about going to bed lately, so I'm rather sleepy. I'm eager for my weekend, even if it's one day instead of 4.

I guess that it's official: the Internet is real. I've now had two random real-world encounters based on my entries (the above and the sofa incident). Does this officially make me a blogger? ;-)
In all seriousness, I'm a little amazed at how much trying to post a photo every day has changed my relationship to LJ, as well as significally increased my chances of getting randomly contacted.

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Another Locomotive Shit ? On Me. I can't quite read the T-word on my cell on the train. Maybe it will be clearer to y'all in Internet-land.

Did you know I can't see these photos at work? Work blocks ScrapBook's servers for being free hosting. Ridiculous! But that's what I get, even though I paid (once) for this hosting. Having the photos elsewhere is not really an option. I post these entries by writing them as a MMS and mailing them w/ a special subject to LJ's email gateway. They automatically take any image attachments and post them to my ScrapBook account and link them here. Bonus: click the photo to go to the image's page on ScrapBook. There you can get the full-size image, if you wish.

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The wedding reception this past weekend was held in a Catholic middle school that was clearly built some time ago. The evidence? This photo from the boy's room. Nowadays, you'd never see marble dividers, or big ceramic tiles. They're too expensive now, but then they were pretty much the only way to furnish a bathroom.

In other news, I'm about to start 'If I Did It', as written by OJ and published by the Goldman family. Should be enlightening, to say the least.

I've also got a pretty bad cough, and have for a few days. It gets worse towards the end of the day, I guess reminding me to go to bed. I think I may be just about done w/ it, but I didn't feel that way @ 444 this morning, when I was woken up by my own coughing.

Warning: I am once again out of new photos to send, so I'll either be taking a short break, posting some stuff I backed up from my old phone, or I'll find something cool @ the end of this train ride.

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I've been reading an AskMetaFilter post about life-changing events, and I've decided to try and catalogue some of my own:
  • On Religion: Many of the comments in that thread talk to a single moment where a person realized that there was no God. I never had such a revelation because I never believed in one. I intensely realize, however, the moment I became a Discordian (albeit a non-theistic one): I was reading the Illuminatus! Trilogy and I realized that, despite my interest in order which drove me to engineering, science, etc., chaos was equally valuable, and should be respected. Of course, that doesn't mean that everything must be chaos (those who follow the purely Eristic path worry me), however, but instead that chaos has its place, and that creation/destruction is the sides of the Sacred Chao I'd rather worry about. Around this time I met [livejournal.com profile] shoujo_mallet and shortly after I met [livejournal.com profile] malaul. Taking into these two important people, along with the "Enlightened Nihilism" I picked up from [livejournal.com profile] faboo, helped form much of my personal philosophy, such as it is. The fact that there is nothing that I have to do, except die, is something that I needed to learn during the more stressful portions of college, and I still need to remind myself of it often (c.f. my time troubles in an earlier post).
  • On Adults Being Wrong: Although often being told to take bullying by not responding and failing, I never considered this bad advice from my parents. The worst was when I was in first grade and I got a math problem wrong. I started crying (I cried a lot in elementary school, now I nearly never do) because my Dad had checked the work, and he should have caught any mistakes. I remember once being upset and loud about it when my mom screamed, "What do you want, my blood?" That shut me up quick and I felt how badly I was hurting her over nothing, simply by complaining. There's one more, and it involves riding back from Rochester with my dad, and talking with him about it a few weeks later that I'm not going to go into here, but a lot of you know this story, and if you're curious, drop me an email or a text.
  • On Mental Health: I was sent to a child psychologist twice when I was a kid. I never understood why, until my mom told me as an adult that it was because I was asking about suicide. The question I was asking was about English, actually. It was "What's the penalty for committing suicide?" See, that word, commit I'd only ever heard on TV law shows, committing purjury, committing murder, committing a felony, &c. She said that it was its own punishment, so I asked why anyone would do it then. See, committing murder makes sense, because you get some gain out of it (revenge, or sating a compulsion or something), same thing with stealing, or lying. To be fair, however, I was/am depressed a lot, and I was bullied a lot until about HS.
  • On Failure: In college I had a lot of angst about my first withdrawn class. Did this mean I shouldn't go into EE? Was there anything I was good at? I talked with my advisor about how it would look on my transcript, and he said, rightly, that one or two W's is not a bad thing—it shows that you know when to cut and run, and when to ask for help. Making a habit of it, however, is another thing. I never made a habit of it, and here I am.
  • On Success: When I earned my First Degree Black Belt back in 2000, I felt an intense sensation of having everywhere to go. I felt that I had so much to learn and now I was able of at least beginning along those paths. It was euphoric. Trivia bit: at every black belt test, your teacher comes up and says a few words about you, and at every one of mine, Howard has used the phrase "gentle giant."
  • On Speed: One time I was rushing off the train while I was still working in Chelsea, and the door hit my ankle as it was closing. I can still remember time slowing down and I thought: "I could do this to avoid falling, but if I screw it up, then I'll hurt worse and have more broken electronics on me than if I fall flat correctly." I fell flat, and I'm sure it looked very undignified, but I landed right and had no major injuries. Bonus story: While rollerblading at RIT, I took a turn a little too wide and had to hold my outside skate over the mud to avoid falling. I did OK for a good five feet, but when my wheels sunk in and got stuck in the mud (I had detachable wheels at the time) I did a roll, shoulder to hip, and came out unscathed.
  • On girls: This may not be accurate, but I feel I lost a girlfriend (back in college, not anyone I'm currently dating) due to a lack of libido on her part triggered by hormonal birth control. Since then I've been a little quick to assume drugs' influence on others' lives. This pisses off Erin when I jump to such conclusions about her.

OK, that's enough ridiculous introspection for one shirking from work day.

Big question: What would you say was your "life-changing" event? Or perhaps events?
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So I was reading this Digg post about Ahmadinejad saying that there are no homosexuals in Iran. There was the predictable "Check the closets" line, and some rumblings about Tom Cruise and mass murder. Of note, however, was the following exchange*:
In America - we just ignore their rights
Jesus, you're dense. America ignores gay rights? We have hate crime laws that apply to gay people. We have a huge gay population which vehemently lobbies and pushes for gay rights. We have gay people on tv, in the movies, everywhere and they aren't being oppressed. Just because they can't "legally" be married doesn't mean their rights are ignored. I'd be willing to be that any gay person in Iran would happily trade places, with any gay American. If you really think it's bad here, go to Iran and see what it's like to have no rights based on sexual preference.

You people will say/state anything that takes a jab at America yet we have it so good, regardless of what you think. If you think I'm wrong then why does everyone want to come here? As cliche as it sounds this is the land of freedom, in all forms, and also the land of opportunity. Go open a gay support group (non-profit) in Iran and tell me what happens. They'll probably just kill you, but at least you'd be free of American oppression....your comment and those who digg you up is proof that most Americans have no appreciation or idea on how good they have it. Well, some of us do and we don't take it for granted.

I work in a corporation. I am white, hetero, and single. I have no special interest group that gives a shit about me. There's a gay/lesbian group, african american group, latino, etc.

Along with the aforementioned hate crime legislature, it seems minorities, including gays, have grabbed special rights, not equal rights. Granted I am not as likely to be effed-in-the-a by a cop, I am more likely to be should I end up in court.

Oh yeah, you poor dear. My heart bleeds for the rich white men; there is no justice for them. Why don't you go arrange a straight white man pride parade? Oh yeah- you don't have to because you have everything already.

I think the last poster in the thread misses the penultimate poster's complaint entirely. He says "I have no special interest group that gives a shit about me." The reply is "you have everything" so why should you? The key difference here is the penultimate poster wanted a group, while the last poster wants things/rights/justice. Maybe I'm completely off-base here, but I often envy my GBLT friends for their ability to draw a community out of [what appears to me to be] thin air [but is likely out of shared repression &c.].

The penultimate poster also mentions all of this second to "I work in a corporation." The irony there is, he does have a group of people like him working toward a common goal, but this goal is not community, not rights, not justice, but money—which our dear poster will never see his proportional share of. If he works extra hard he might get a promotion, but he'll more likely just get his slightly-lower-than inflation "merit" raise. If he even has a track for promotion, his most likely community, his co-workers, are in direct competition with him for those precious few seats at the top, and will not be there for him as a community.

Perhaps I am very much the poor little rich boy that the last poster mocks, but I can understand the penultimate poster's issue, and I'm afraid I don't have much of a solution out of it. Personally, I ape at the Queer community through my Bi girlfriend and Poly lifestyle, and while I enjoy friends through Tae Kwon Do, often I feel a certain disconnect from them. Often the only thing I have in common with them is the Art, which is fine and all, but I like a certain level of social discourse and connection.

Of course, in the end, we are all alone in our trip through life, and perhaps all this striving towards community is false and silly and temporary. But if it has to be false and silly and temporary, I at least want to get some good hugs out of it.

* I nested two comments where I believed they went as I believe they were unintentionally posted unnested thanks to what many Diggers complain of as "The New Comment System". Also, I'm lazy and deleted their usernames.
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