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What can you tell me about the similarities, percussion-wise between this video (starting at about 0:42):

And this video (it's pretty much the same throughout, but there's a point right before the chorus that's a little different, but that's not the part I'm talking about):

They both feel very similar to me, but there's an obvious difference. The first vid seems to be a straight beat, where the second has a very ba-da-da-dump-ba-da-da-dump (rest). They both have that same "driving beat" feeling, to me.
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Dan Bern has this lovely song called "God Said No". In it, our narrator asks God to go back in time to correct certain things he views as mistakes in time. For instance, to prevent Kurt Cobain's suicide or kill Hitler or save Jesus. God replies in the negative for all of these, telling our narrator what he would do instead of accomplishing these goals. But my favorite line is as follows:
God said, "Time,
Time belongs to me.
Time's a sacred weapon.
A final advantage."

In addition to Dan Bern's gorgeous vocals all throughout this piece, its truly haunting melody, and its grim subject matter all fit together in an amazing piece. It just reminds me that time is the one limited thing we have. I mean, sure, there's only so much gold, and only about 1 ounce of Francium in the Earth's crust at any given time, but most things are reasonably infinite to any given human, so long as they have enough time to get them.

One of the last lines is, "I knew I was beaten / And that now was all I have." And if that doesn't fit my Discordian Hedonist Atheist Humanist outlook, then I'm not really sure what does.
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Isn't it lovely? Found a few months ago in Penn Station.

Time to be a fanboy: Dorian Spencer is now in the final 2 on NYC Soundtracks! Vote for him on msg.com/soundtracks
Voting continues through 8p tonight. Do it!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Yesterday was a slow day filled with chores. Which is a good thing, especially as one of those chores was laundry, something that needed to be done pretty badly. Erin went with a friend of hers to a museum in Jersey, as she was expecting me to be working. I was going to work on Saturday, but our test got stuck on Friday in such a way that we needed Software's help to fix it, and all the relevant people had gone home for the weekend. I'm not sure what my benchmate did that night, but I know it had nothing to do with that test.

2 days to my birthday, and I still haven't got any plans made. So very lazy. Or busy. Or tired. I think I'll be working 2nd shift next week. That'll be interesting, for the variety, at least.


Sep. 4th, 2008 07:20 am
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Quickly, the photo is of some old train cars just outside Hoboken terminal. I'm not sure why they're there, but they've been there the past 2 weeks.

Last night was the Final Four concert for NYC soundtracks. The first act was decent, but generic. The second was not very good (you are not Luther Vandross, stop vamping like him). The third act, Dorian Spencer, was excellent, which makes sense, as he was the guy we went to see. The fourth was also very good, his name was Trevor Exter, and he played the cello like a guitar, almost entirely by picking, and even playing chords.

All in all, a pretty successful evening. But as always, I'm sleepy. This is most likely the sleep debt from Tuesday finally hitting me, but whatever.

If you'll forgive me, I've noticed that when I started posting photos daily, I got a ton of comments, but now it's resumed to its normal trickle. Is it because I haven't been commenting very much myself?

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Found these on 6th Ave, near 34th street. They're delightfully incoherent. I forget what phone booth ads they were pasted over, but I think one was a trashy reality show.

My friend Andrew form TKD will be staying w/ me and Erin for a few days before the mountains trip, and for a few days after. It'll be nice to see him, but I think he'll be bored because both Erin and I work during the day.

I keep forgetting to bring MSI's If to work to rip it. Oh well. It's a pretty sweet album, as usual for them. Erin and I first listened to it while driving about on Saturday. I was worried I'd speed, but all went OK.

When I tried this 2-page posting method before, I noticed the 2nd page of text disappears, but both images are displayed, so that's how there are 2 photos here, instead of the normal 1.

Didn't bring a book today. Maybe I'll be able to do the extra posting required to free up some space on my phone. Any requests?


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I went to a college with a very large deaf population, and while I attended a few deaf poetry events, I have to say this performance of "This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson is significantly more interesting and lively than any of them.

Via MetaFilter, where I posted almost the identical comment.

[livejournal.com profile] s00j music

Nov. 7th, 2007 09:30 am
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I'm going to Williamsburg tonight to see the SJ Tucker play. The location & time is:
Wednesday November 07, 2007 — 8 or 8:30pm
SJ performs with Incus
Galapagos Art Space Front Room
70 N 6th St, Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY
718 782 5188
with headliners Raquy and the Cavemen and The Messengers

Raquy is apparently "Booty-shaking world music", but as I'm not much into booty shaking, and I have werk tomorrow, I'll likely leave right after her show. You, however, have every option to stay.

Anyone wanna come?

I'll be in the Penn Station area ca. 6p looking for Dinner &c. before the show.
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You know you want to come to watch a Dorian Spencer concert! Especially since it's free1, and local (if you're NYC-based like me). He'll be playing this Saturday at 6p at Rockwood Music Hall [location] I was there last month, and it's a great venue. I've mentioned my love of his music before. If you haven't heard it yet, check out the first link in this entry for some, and check out his MySpace for the rest (no, I won't link to it [or to anywhere on that cesspool], but you can find it from his site).

The show starts pretty much on time, and the venue is very small. Aim to be there ca. 5:45p. We all can go out to dinner afterwards. It'll be lovely!

1 Entrance to the venue is free, however a one drink minimum (per show) is required. Drinks (incl. soda) start at $3.
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... and it's not what I was composing in my head all this time, but rather an interesting anecdote:
I was walking through Penn Station tonight, as I often do, and I heard one of those official-ish music people playing something. I only heard about 10 seconds of his music before I glanced down and was intensely thankful that he had a box of CDs that he was selling. $10 out of me, and a few minutes to enter his data into the FreeDB and now I'm listening to some very nice alterna-folk-pop-rock stuff with a very talented Seal-esque vocalist/guitarist.

Oh, and I also ordered the MeFi Compilation CD, because, well, why not.

A musical day for me. The new music is doing wonders for the funk I've been in. Remember kids, consuming makes you feel better, so buy everything you can! I keed!
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I love this song. So much.
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So I have two clips that exemplify two elements I really enjoy in music, and they're both from the same song ("Take it Back" by the Barenaked Ladies on their new album Barenaked Ladies are Me). I wish to know what the names of the following elements are, assuming they have them!

First, what is the piano doing in this clip? [162KiB Ogg Vorbis Quality=0]
And second, what is it called when the vocals tell you what the music's about to do? [92KiB Ogg Vorbis Quality=0]

Do not fret if you do not know the answer. If you don't have it, I'll end up going to [livejournal.com profile] lj_genie and/or Ask Metafilter.

All clips © and (P) 2006 Desperation Records. All rights are still reserved to them. The above files are clips, reduced in quality, and for non-profit educational purposes under the Fair Use doctrine (which hopefully applies to Canada, where Desperation Records and BNL are based).
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So, is this video by the Dixie Chicks about the politics of the situation or is it about a family ravaged by rape, or what? Either way, very nice.

If you use an extension to grab the .FLVs instead, this one is double letterboxed, but in sync.
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Whee. Loopy.


Must remember to take antihistimines before going to cat houses.

[livejournal.com profile] s00j  made highly awesome music last night.
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Dan Bern Kaki King:
Anyone want to come to this show with me? April 22. $32-$38. Anyone? Bueller?
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I strongly recommend them. Tell them artists and tracks you like and boom, your own personal radio station(s) (yes, you can create multiple stations, for different moods, for instance). First 10 hours are free. $36/year or $12/quarter thereafter. 128k MP3 audio (OK, I actually don't know if it's MP3, but I do know it's 128k, and I'm pretty sure I've heard the chimes). Flash required. Yes, I know, I hate Flash, too.
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You know, this is what happens when you sleep around and piss off a songwriter:
I'm just a notch in your bedpost
But you're just a line in a song
Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down
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