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So sayeth: http://www.pinke.biz/news/518/Lesbian-Teens-More-Likely-to-get-Pregnant-than-Straight-Teens/

The obvious problem here that I see is that they do not appear to have controlled for sexually active teens or not. The study itself may have, but this article does not mention it. I would not be surprised to find out (although I have no evidence one way or the other) that many GBLT folks start having sex earlier than their straight brethren.

Now, however, I feel that I may be stating assumptions not in evidence and falling for the classic "teh gheyz are horny" stereotype.
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[Gah, I think I need a money icon]

If you're curious as to whether your bank is teetering and going to pull a WaMu, check out Bankrate.com's "Safe & Sound" rating system. You can check how well-capitalized your bank is, and whether The Powers That Be expect it to improve or not over the short term.
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This is what happens when you steal a man's torso.

As these past 2 weeks have been 2nd shift, I've managed to break all the good habits I've been developing lately. For instance, I'm now back to 3 big meals instead of 5-6 small ones, and I stopped posting a picture to LJ every weekday. I wonder if I'll be able to get them back after I return to my normal schedule.

I don't have any nifty tales, as my life has been TKD and work and commuting lately. Because of the rain last night, I did not return to my apartment, opting to sleep at my parents' house instead.

I'd love to comment on the political situation right now (bailout, McCain suspension, &c.), but it all seems so surreal, I feel I must be missing something. I will say this: the FDIC cannot fail. With that piece of information, you should feel confident that you'll be able to get your deposits at any time.

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Better stick to apple juice — OJ'll kill you.
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My cactus is dying! Erin gave me a cactus for Valentine's Day this year. I fear the lack of direct sunlight in my 5th floor office is finally getting to it, as its turning yellow. I've put it on the windowsill and gave it its monthly feeding. I hope its OK. Erin calls it "Monday" because thats when I water it. My spider plant, however, is doing so well where it is it hasn't reproduced yet and its HUGE. Like these leaves are absolutely ginormous. I've seen spider plants with more leaves, but I don't think I've seen ones with wider or longer ones. Like 0.5" wide and 14"-16" long! The leaves are so big they're folding under their own weight.

I ran and did forms on Friday and today. Both took me 18 minutes. Mom says I should work longer to get an actual effect (calorically and cardio-wise). While I agree in general, I believe that this is still beneficial, and I can feel an increase in my endurance and speed.

Yay blowing up a building in a (likely) suicide attempt. More yay that no one died.

Efficient storage furniture
. Looks yummy for the new place. [livejournal.com profile] shoujo_mallet are you interested in any of these? If not, I may have enough space in my room for the armchair (and maybe even the ottoman!).
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Muslim Gays Seek Lesbians For Wives:
Very interesting.
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First HPV vaccine approved:
Take that you fucking theocrats!

Whee text

Jan. 22nd, 2006 10:08 am
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So, excepting my usual ad-libbing, here's what I said last night at [livejournal.com profile] malual's mom's house last night:
Wherein Peter uses his certification )

You know, That was a lot of fun, I should find out what kind of registration I need (as I do need some kind of registration) to do that sort of thing in NYC.
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Well, I heard the story, but I just noticed the names.
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