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I was in the middle of the crosswalk, when I see a too-fast cab rounding the corner. My first thought was "He must be slowing down to make this turn, and he's gotta see me." Very quickly I realized that neither of those things were true, so I ran up the block and across the street. I'm not sure how close he ended up being to me — definitely less than a meter, though. As he sharply decelerated (somewhere after where I was initially in the crosswalk, but before I made it completely across) the cab (one of those hybrid Ford Escapes) made some awful noises. The cab was stopped about 1.5 meters past the inside edge of the crosswalk and would not move. He tried revving the engine, to no avail (and to some horrible noises).

Some other pedestrians asked me if I was okay (I guess the thudding noise coming from the inside of the car sounded like I got hit). I had trouble deciding whether to call 911 or 311 or what, and decided that the damage he did to his own vehicle was sufficient, since I was not harmed (hell, I didn't even have a stress reaction aside from swearing at the guy).

Afterward, as Erin and I headed out for dinner, we went by the guy who was calling someone about his broken vehicle. He apologized. I asked him what happened there and he said he didn't see me. I said "Really?" and went on my way.

IIRC, it was 4J16.
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Last night I noticed some kids hanging out on my stoop. My parents are away and my brothers were having a party at the time, so I checked with my brothers to ensure the loiterers were not theirs. They weren't, so I asked them to please get off my stoop. This one kid said no, he wouldn't, he and his friends lost something and anyways they were only going to be a few seconds. Oh, and he also swore at me. I asked him if he had already looked for it, and he said he had, so I repeated the request. He said he wouldn't, after all, what would I do, call the cops? The cops know him, he said, and they'd just laugh. He then said that he'd likely been in the neighborhood longer than I had, even though he was half my age and called me a yuppie.

This is about where I truly lost control of the conversation. I told him I grew up in the neighborhood. Never saw me, he said. Probably because I have a job and a life. This went on for a while until one of my brothers came out and also asked them to leave. The kid then said that if I wasn't going to call the cops, then he'd just have to fight me right there on the street.

Eventually, one of my brothers' friends came out, knew the kid through his sister (they are much more integrated into the locals than my family and I are) and gave him $10 for his lost property, and he went on his merry way.

The lost property? A dime bag, of course. They wanted to smoke up on my stoop. Which would open my parents' property up to search and seizure in case a police officer wanted to make a case of it. Which would have been bad for my dear brothers' party, no?

I just felt so helpless and useless. I hope tonight goes better.
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And now the ceiling has caved in too:

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You're going to need to click on this one to see its full glory.

I had a dream last night, but I remember very little of it except that I was killing a small creature. I don't know if it was a fish or rodent. I was killing it by smashing it on something, and I recall notching its eye and remarking on the gash. Sorry for the downer.

Today is the last day I'll be able to go to TKD class for a week, thanks to the holiday.

Does anyone know of a place that does good, on-demand-ish satellite photography? Do they offer framed prints? I'm looking for a nice, hi-res photo of a particular location, but Google Earth only draws upon a crummy 15m shot from 1999. I'm hoping for at least a 3m one, ideally better than 1m. Thanks!

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Erin has a shirt just like this, but it says Queens instead. I forgive her. She got hers from the Queens Museum of Art. This one I found in the window of Brooklyn Tattoo on Smith Street.

Things have been quite busy lately. But you already knew that. I only worked 7 hours overtime yesterday, so I'm going in .5 hours early at least for today and tomorrow to actually get paid for showing up yesterday. See, in order to get overtime, we need to do at least 8 hours in a week. Of course, as salaried folk, we should count ourselves lucky that we get any overtime pay at all.

Yesterday practice in NJ was nice. It's really convenient versus where I work, so if I'm gonna be stuck in Jersey anyways, I'm glad I can get some practice in.

I don't know much about the NJTransit system, aside from the very small slice I use. It annoys me that I cannot provide the same level of info as I know about the Subway, for instance.

New couch!

Jul. 2nd, 2008 12:17 pm
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Erin and Chris finished it before I got home last night. It is very comfortable, although a little firm right now (age will soften it in good time). Erin clearly thinks it is nice. I'm sure my dad, as lover of all things green, will love the color. All we need now is an a/c and we shall have a very nice living room. (Well, that and for Paul to take out the old couch.)

Work has been boring because of how large the new bench is. Not only are there too many people in such a small space, but it takes a long time to do anything because of all the things involved.

Today is day 1 of week 2 of the 100 push ups thing I've been doing. Today I did 23. My first exhaustion test, last week, was 4. Rock on! To be fair, the 23 was done in intervals, but one of those had 9. This is progressing much faster than I thought it would. This upcoming Tuesday is my next exhaustion test.

Last night, I helped some ladies know where they could get some knockoff bags. I'm such a good New Yorker.

Oh dear...

Jun. 14th, 2008 01:54 pm
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The other night, when I wasn't feeling so good after Hooters, I stopped in a Starbucks' bathroom. I found this. Does anyone know for sure what this is? I think I do, but I also don't think I want to know why it was in this bathroom in that case.

Recently I've found another touchy-feely lady, and we've begun those kinds of talks, and, as of Thursday, those kinds of actions. I'm excited, but extremely cautious, as it will likely cause me to come out to a whole new group that strikes me as more conservative than my usual freaky friends (I love you all, BTW).

And now off to meet Faelan, our guest for the weekend.

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Any suggestions? I'll be at Penn Station ca. 5:45, and am willing to go just about anywhere in the 5 boros that is reasonably accessible by train.
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Before picking up [livejournal.com profile] shoujo_mallet, I think I will go to Central Park to kill an hour or so. I haven't spent much time at the northern end of the park, so I think I'll enter there. If any of you are in the neighborhood, gimme a call and maybe I'll drop by and say hi.

I'm feeling much better now, even though the room is not immaculate, there's a lot more space for Erin's stuff. Hopefully it will be enough space.
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Let us say you're a superintendent. Why in holy fuck do you have 3 numbers I can contact you at AND YOU NEVER ANSWER THEM OR RETURN MY CALLS WHEN THERE IS WATER DRIPPING FROM MY FUCKING CEILING?
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Erin and I were living in Harlem still, although it looked a lot like the area just south of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side. We went to a concert with my parents and brothers, at the end of which the little bar was opened up to look like an old school gym. I wondered about why there are so many old, unused school buildings if we're perpetually over capaacity. There was someone there teaching us a dance move. I went up along with four other people, one of them was Mike (the headmaster fo my TKD school). I got the move right on the first try.

Fast forward a little bit.

Now I'm helping a family that's being harassed by a local magnate trying to convince them to do things they don't want to do [I blame this part on the fact that I've been reading Ben Bova's Rock Rats lately], like sell off or something. The situation has deteriorated to the point where a burglar has come into their store every night, even though the family has been sleeping in the store. I join them one night. The burglar is a big guy. The family sleeps toward the front of the store, so the time the bad guy's toward the back, I get up from fake sleeping and tell him that he oughta go. He pulls out a knife (that looks a lot like my roommate Chris' knife) and says, "Don't you know that you shouldn't disturb burglars, or they might hurt you?" I say that I didn't know that, and that I'd better tell my friend that. I raise my voice and shout at the other person there who was going to help me protect the family, "Did you know that you aren't supposed to disturb buglars." When he gets up, I move toward the front of the store and repeat my question to wake the rest of the family.

Suddenly he's close to me. He realizes he can't kill us all, and that he can't steal any more, and that we're between him and the exit. [Then I have one of those weird rewind/redo bits again where I'm working on the specific techniques that would help me and disable the burglar.]

End dream.
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For some reason I feel we need to start making jokes about this day. That way we can begin to turn it away from something that was done to us and turn it to something we own. Just to clarify: I do not wish to suggest that I want all our decisions as a nation to be filtered through this day — quite the opposite — but instead I want for it to become a piece of our history rather than a piece of sensationalized crap. Like July 4, or November 11, and so on. It should be a day for respect and remembrance (and maybe a day off from work), not a day for paranoia, stress, hate, xenophobia, or any of the other bullshit that the TeeVee, Radio, Intarbus, &c. are helping us feed ourselves with.
Yesterday Erin thought I was making a joke about it. I crushed one of those big Arizona cans (you know, the 23.5 oz for 99 cents ones?). Sometimes when I do that the can goes flying away because it's very important that the path of the heel is directly downward to ensure that the top is directly squished onto the bottom due to the added height. When I crushed this can, I managed to keep the top and bottom within 4 horizontal inches from each other — not quite one on top of the other, but close. I said, "Almost as good as a skyscraper." Because, you see, skyscrapers are built with a certain amount of sway tolerance (generally about a foot or more) to account for wind and things. (Probably on the West Coast they're built with even more sway.)
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