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This weekend (Fri-Mon), I was with [livejournal.com profile] erin_trying in Savannah, GA. See, I had a 4-day weekend from work, but had gone home the previous weekend, so my work would not pay for another trip home. Therefore, Erin and I decided to go to Savannah for an extended weekend, hang out with her cousin, and generally enjoy some of the South's oldest extant architecture.

Plans changed a lot, but I ended up picking her up from Atlanta's Amtrak Station at 8am, had breakfast, and then went to Savannah. We checked in and chilled (very necessary after long scary rainy drive) in the hotel room before heading to dinner with Erin's cousin.

The next day we drove to get Erin a massage. On the way we stopped at the sketchiest gas station I've ever had the pleasure of patronizing and got lost, but recovered to get her there less than 15 minutes late, which is not bad for one's first day in a new city, I think! We had a very late breakfast at IHOP and went to a(n?) historic house, which was pretty neat. We saw a hip-hop community rendition of Romeo and Juliet put on by a local non-profit, focusing on getting kids out of trouble through hip-hop, poetry, dance, and art.

Sunday we did some more touristing, and feasting. Including going to the local bamboo nursery. [livejournal.com profile] erin_trying was ultra cute there, as she is everywhere.

Oh yeah, and we saw the Super Bowl with Erin's cousin and some of her friends. The game was exciting!

Monday we got a call from Amtrak saying that Snowpocalypse 1 was causing all trains leaving Georgia to be cancelled, so we hit up the internet and bought her a ticket home from ATL airport. It meant we had to leave Savannah early, but we still had time for a tasty brunch there. Then I parked at ATL to have linner with her, and away she went. Flying was a lot more pleasant for her than taking the train, it sounded like.
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Creepy Funeral Home Ad
Originally uploaded by xoder
I totally forgot to post this really creepy Funeral Home ad. And don't forget to check out the other photos I uploaded today, including a masonic lodge!
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Billy Mays Here!


I plan to start using my very quiet Flickr account for uploading photos from my current travels, with my nice awesome new camera!
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I love old-style lettering on glass and marble (note the gold leaf in the bigger versions of the photos!):

And although I did finally buy my suit (and shoes!) for the wedding, I don't have any photos of that. But I do have this photo for you:


Nov. 13th, 2008 01:13 pm
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Made with the Muppet Generating Tool at FAO Schwarz.

And if you want all the tasty details, click on the image below...
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Oct. 21st, 2008 04:01 pm
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You like the new icon?
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... It's a civilization thing. I found this in the men's room at school (who, I just found out, reimbursed my CC on the 3rd!). I wonder whose passive-aggressive note this is. I'm sure you've all seen passiveaggressivenotes.com, right? That site makes me feel guilty, because I leave a few notes for my roommates. But It's not like I can just talk to them - I'm never home when they are, and I don't want to directly accuse people when they are not at fault, and 1-on-1 facetime is extremely inefficient when you have 6 roommates.

Wow, defensive much?

I got a whole bunch of laundry done and even some ironing. That is one of the things that TV is good at: passive delivery of content. With the web, I likely would have had to keep clicking to keep the entertainment flowing, which is not as good for ironing.

I forgot my DS at home today, so I guess It's a newspaper day. It's unfortunate, as I've been doing a lot of owning in Picross lately. I need to remember to get the latest new puzzles!

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Let us say you are Time Warner Cable's Flickr guy. Why, when loading the new photos from the Atlantic Antic, would you ever upload this shot of the Road Runner getting shunned by a baby?
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I really like the ornate facade on this building. It's on Montague St. in Brooklyn. I was lucky enough to catch the morning sun on the day I got my first ZipCar.

Today is Wednesday, the day of the week I don't make plans on. Therefore, I stand a chance of getting the a/c out of the window, as well as doing some ironing. I hope I can get to both of these. Maybe do some laundry? Boring, I know, but when I'm busy all weekend, it's hard to get the vital stuff done. The good news is that laundry is highly parallelizable.

I think I may have started posting too often. Sorry. And sorry about apologising so often. Last night, Erin and I went to Fairway, and on the way back I began to crash hard. Maybe it was that I was tired, maybe I was tired of the messed up schedule at work, who knows. I do know that I became a liability and an annoyance at that point. I could argue that I always am, but I know that's not true, so I can kill that loop pretty quickly.

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I love when buildings are brightly sunlit against a darkly overcast sky.

The Atlantic Antic was a lot of fun. We got Howard's name out there and the demonstrations were a lot of fun. We stopped traffic! There were a lot of photographers there, so I'll be checking flickr for us, I guess.

After, I showed Howard the opening scene of 'Foot Fist Way' so he could see how well our demos went. If you've seen the movie, then you know who's The King of the Demo.

My eyes are still uncomfortable from either the smoke at the Antic or the allergies I was having trouble with this weekend. I may live to regret not taking a pill this morning.

I'm having trouble typing and keeping my eyes open. I want to in back to bed. I had a totally excellent weekend, just that it ended late and started early just like my weekdays.

No Dumping

Oct. 3rd, 2008 07:37 am
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Found at a car wash near Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. Pretty awesome.

The debate last night was fun in certain ways. Biden clearly won, but he did it with class by letting Palin go off on her own tangents and by trying to force her to ad lib. However, what was up with her repeated need to change topics? Especially without segue.

I guess this post will be short, as I'm sleepy and I have about 100 new Picross puzzles on my DS and about 50 left to download.

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This one, like many I post, is from the 125th Street station. Is this a reference I don't get? Are they in two different hands, and if so, is this a genuine conversation?

Yesterday I did the arithmetic and found out how little the actual dollar cost of the bad money handling issue is, and I feel quite a bit better. I mean, even holding two grand on the card for an extra month is still less than $20.

Last night I had a date, which ended around 11. What I should have done was go to bed at that time. What I did was play Rock Band 2 with Erin, Chris, and Rob. Another 1a night. So I'll probably bail on dinner with the TKD folk tonight so I might get to bed. I'll be hungry, but I'll be sleeping.

Great, I just hit my ankle running into this train. Thanks a lot, LI jerks who don't know how to walk, delaying me just enough to get hit by the closing door. To be fair, if I'd been aware of the time, I could've started running earlier. So it's my fault, too.

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It seems we have a new artist inside the train shelter. Simple, direct block lettering seems to be the rule here. I guess we've gone from anarchists to narcisists.

My CyberSecurity class is still awesome. I think I might even have my paper idea already: a very old, but not yet heavily exploited cross-site forgery request that doesn't need anything fancy like JavaScript to help it work, just IMG tags will do.

I am very angry at my school. Back in August, I registered for 2 classes and 2 hours after I paid for them, they cancelled one. I emailed them asking when I'd see my money again. They said, 'The refund period begins Sept. 8.' So on Thursday I start wondering where my refund check in, so I ask again. Four days later, I get an email saying that they'll put in my request today and I'll get my check in about 2 weeks. Assuming instant depositing and crediting of said check, which isn't going to happen, it'll still be 2 days late for my credit card bill. I tried calling, but no luck.

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I'm not really sure what 'herm' is, nor why it might be on a disused Verizon cart.

I really need to stop going to bed so late. Especially now that I have class again. When I get to work, I need to remember to print out this week's reading. Yeah, I should've read it over the past 2 weeks when I didn't have class, but that would have required remembering to copy the assignment onto another sheet of paper, which is evidently too difficult.

I hope I don't pass out at work or at class. Also, it's beginning to look a lot less likely that I'll hit my train leaving Penn, which will prove that searching for where I left my umbrella this time was a totally great use of my time. My own fault for trying to fix my computer by nearly breaking Erin's instead of getting ready for today. Never mind, I made it with about 30 sec. to spare.

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A lovely piece commenting on and written on a SVA ad.

Shifting my sleep schedule this week is sucking a whole lot thus far. Saturday night fun kept me away from home and distracted until nearly 4. (Don't misunderstand me, it was a very good time, I should have just been more careful.) Last night chores and TV kept me up past 1. This morning sees me up at 540, like usual. Maybe I need some caffeine, or maybe I need a kick in the head to be more responsible with my sleep patterns. Tonight, I have TKD in Brooklyn with Howard. I should go straight home after that, as I'm often tempted to go to my parents', which always gets me home late.

School still hasn't refunded me the 3k they owe me and my credit card bill is due in about 2 weeks. I'm rather annoyed, as you might imagine. I sent an email asking for further info on Thursday (previous messages said the refund period was starting on the 8th). If I don't hear from them today, I'll be calling my CC company and disputing the charge.

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It is a ring made of a quarter. Specifically a 2001 New York State quarter. Erin got it for me as a birthday present, but I've been wearing it kinda as an engagement ring. I just want to get something straight: women wear such rings on their left ring finger, right? This is the same for wedding bands, right? Don't men wear the latter on their right? If so, then a man should wear an engagement ring on his right, no?

I've never worn a ring before, so it's been taking a little getting used to. Isn't there a point when you are no longer aware of it? I take it off while drying my hands to dry under it. I don't wear it to bed, TKD, or to shower. Are any of these strange?

Can you actually see any of the details of the ring in this photo? What about if you load the full-size image by clicking on it here and then clicking on it again when you get to the slightly bigger version?

Can you believe I'm asking so many questions?


Sep. 28th, 2008 02:08 pm
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This is a lovely piece of fried ice cream given to me on my birthday by the lovely waitress at the Thai place we go to at lunch every Thursday.

I filled up the previous message's text box, so I didn't get to talk about yesterday and how awesome it was.

First I got to teach 2 of Howard's classes as he was at the Black Belt summer trip. I really enjoy teaching TKD, so that was fun.

Then I went to my parents' house to celebrate my mom's birthday. But before the dinner, Erin, my youngest brother Nick, and I went to Costco for a small supply run. Small because time was short and small because we couldn't use the car to take the stuff home to Harlem.

After dinner we went out for drinks and s'mores with Bonnie, Rachel, and Jesse. Which was awesome. On the way back to Jesse's place, we stopped at my parents' to grab our stuff. Unfortunately, I didn't get the stuff I left there all week. And now my phone is low on juice. So my phone was off all night and is in airplane mode now.

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This is what happens when you steal a man's torso.

As these past 2 weeks have been 2nd shift, I've managed to break all the good habits I've been developing lately. For instance, I'm now back to 3 big meals instead of 5-6 small ones, and I stopped posting a picture to LJ every weekday. I wonder if I'll be able to get them back after I return to my normal schedule.

I don't have any nifty tales, as my life has been TKD and work and commuting lately. Because of the rain last night, I did not return to my apartment, opting to sleep at my parents' house instead.

I'd love to comment on the political situation right now (bailout, McCain suspension, &c.), but it all seems so surreal, I feel I must be missing something. I will say this: the FDIC cannot fail. With that piece of information, you should feel confident that you'll be able to get your deposits at any time.

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Below is a very happy sight. NJTransit turns off signal lights when there are no trains around. So it is very nice to see the lights come on at 1130, telling you that you're about to head home.

I just got my mom one of her birthday presents. I think I'll install it tonight so she won't have to deal with it. Also because I'm a cheapskate and got her an open box version. Gotta love Best Buy. I plan to get her some other things, and split it with one of my brothers. Sounds fun, right?

Being on 2nd shift has screwed up a lot of my normal routine. I'm down to 2-3 big meals a day, instead of 5-6 small ones, for instance. I also haven't been posting nearly as much. And I've been lazy at work because there's no support. Whatever, I'll be back on 1st shift next week, and all will be good.

I also picked up 'Foot Fist Way', which was hilarious in theatres and I can't wait to show to Howard and Pat. I think they'll get a kick out of it as the lead does everything wrong.

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When the MTA paints over your tag, the correct solution is to complain about their choice of paint.

My TKD teacher, Howard will be giving a free Self-Defense Workshop this upcoming Thursday at 7:30p at his studio in Brooklyn. I wish I could go myself, but I'll be working 2nd shift.

I've decided that I much prefer mass transit to driving. I still like to drive, in general, but for commuting I find taking the train to be very superior. Next week, I will try to minimize the number of trips taken by car, which will likely include leaving the car at work one night. This will reduce the amount of time spent parking (which is substantial in Carroll Gardens around midnight) while allowing me to get to Howard's noontime classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

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