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I am polyamorous and straight. But y'all knew that already. So do my parents, and even a few extended relatives.
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So I was reading this Digg post about Ahmadinejad saying that there are no homosexuals in Iran. There was the predictable "Check the closets" line, and some rumblings about Tom Cruise and mass murder. Of note, however, was the following exchange*:
In America - we just ignore their rights
Jesus, you're dense. America ignores gay rights? We have hate crime laws that apply to gay people. We have a huge gay population which vehemently lobbies and pushes for gay rights. We have gay people on tv, in the movies, everywhere and they aren't being oppressed. Just because they can't "legally" be married doesn't mean their rights are ignored. I'd be willing to be that any gay person in Iran would happily trade places, with any gay American. If you really think it's bad here, go to Iran and see what it's like to have no rights based on sexual preference.

You people will say/state anything that takes a jab at America yet we have it so good, regardless of what you think. If you think I'm wrong then why does everyone want to come here? As cliche as it sounds this is the land of freedom, in all forms, and also the land of opportunity. Go open a gay support group (non-profit) in Iran and tell me what happens. They'll probably just kill you, but at least you'd be free of American oppression....your comment and those who digg you up is proof that most Americans have no appreciation or idea on how good they have it. Well, some of us do and we don't take it for granted.

I work in a corporation. I am white, hetero, and single. I have no special interest group that gives a shit about me. There's a gay/lesbian group, african american group, latino, etc.

Along with the aforementioned hate crime legislature, it seems minorities, including gays, have grabbed special rights, not equal rights. Granted I am not as likely to be effed-in-the-a by a cop, I am more likely to be should I end up in court.

Oh yeah, you poor dear. My heart bleeds for the rich white men; there is no justice for them. Why don't you go arrange a straight white man pride parade? Oh yeah- you don't have to because you have everything already.

I think the last poster in the thread misses the penultimate poster's complaint entirely. He says "I have no special interest group that gives a shit about me." The reply is "you have everything" so why should you? The key difference here is the penultimate poster wanted a group, while the last poster wants things/rights/justice. Maybe I'm completely off-base here, but I often envy my GBLT friends for their ability to draw a community out of [what appears to me to be] thin air [but is likely out of shared repression &c.].

The penultimate poster also mentions all of this second to "I work in a corporation." The irony there is, he does have a group of people like him working toward a common goal, but this goal is not community, not rights, not justice, but money—which our dear poster will never see his proportional share of. If he works extra hard he might get a promotion, but he'll more likely just get his slightly-lower-than inflation "merit" raise. If he even has a track for promotion, his most likely community, his co-workers, are in direct competition with him for those precious few seats at the top, and will not be there for him as a community.

Perhaps I am very much the poor little rich boy that the last poster mocks, but I can understand the penultimate poster's issue, and I'm afraid I don't have much of a solution out of it. Personally, I ape at the Queer community through my Bi girlfriend and Poly lifestyle, and while I enjoy friends through Tae Kwon Do, often I feel a certain disconnect from them. Often the only thing I have in common with them is the Art, which is fine and all, but I like a certain level of social discourse and connection.

Of course, in the end, we are all alone in our trip through life, and perhaps all this striving towards community is false and silly and temporary. But if it has to be false and silly and temporary, I at least want to get some good hugs out of it.

* I nested two comments where I believed they went as I believe they were unintentionally posted unnested thanks to what many Diggers complain of as "The New Comment System". Also, I'm lazy and deleted their usernames.


Mar. 20th, 2007 11:14 pm
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I'm at work, slowly working. Fun is happening a lot lately: new friends, exhibition/promotion test today, sleep dep silliness and
other goodness.
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So I've not been posting very much lately. Mostly because my internal dialogue has been turned inward; I'm answering my own questions. I'm not happy with the answers, at least for the past two days or so, but they keep coming back the same. It may have something to do with the sleepiness. When I'm tired I get introspectively cranky. And self-reinforcingly so (shut up, I can make up words like anyone else).

I also fail at life: I fell getting off the subway this morning and skinned (but did not bloody, there's always a bright side) both of my elbows. (That's what I get for rushing out the train and getting at least one foot pinned by the door. Funny thing is while I was falling I realized what I had to do to prevent a fall but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I knew that I was falling, and was just too tired/lazy to do anything about it.) I also forgot to shampoo this morning, but worry not, I went to the bathroom just now and used some soap so my hair will fail to become a greasy helmet of ick---as quickly.

The other reason that I've been slow to LJ is that I don't feel my complaining is worth posting. Yes, I'm poly. Yes I'm craving a new relationship on top of what I have with my most awsomest girlfriend. But it makes me feel a little guilty to complain about it. After all, there are so many people who have trouble finding *one* person to share their awesome with, what right do I have about wanting to find a second?

Also the complaining above the previous paragraph: absolutely worthless.

I need to get out of my head for a little while and bounce ideas off things that are not me, or I will get worse, I think. MichaelCrawford, Kuro5hin.org's favorite crazy writer dude says: "One way sane people stay sane is that others around us let us know when we are straying from the rational path." In other words, social interaction is useful for mental health because it can help you keep on an even keel, even unconsciously. The article hasn't posted yet, but if you have a K5 account, you can see it at: http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2006/8/15/35149/9787

On a completely separate note, "Man of the Year" sounds like its going to be an awesome movie. Check IMDB or YouTube for more info.

Oh, and it always depresses me to learn exactly how little I've actually changed even though I keep thinking I've actually accomplished some positive personal growth/modification.


Jul. 23rd, 2006 09:04 am
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So I know I haven't posted since I moved, but I'm not going to post about it yet.

HOPE is fun. Thus far I've:
  • Listened to talks on:
    • "Hacking the Palate" (food)
    • Hacking Sex
      • although I'd heard all the stuff before via my own studies as well as TES
    • Tor
      • although I feel I helped to give this talk instead
    • Community radio
    • Wireless security and link maintainance
    • The current political situation, and how the gov't should spend more money on "Open Source Security"
  • Met MC Frontalot (yet again) and promised him that I'd be at his show tonight. You should come too!
    • 9 pm at Club Midway at 25 Avenue B.
  • Messed with the dumb terminals that someone brought over. Did not manage to get more than one working (and that one worked because it had a ROM chip that the others didn't)
    • They were messed up because the ROM images supplied (for PXE boot) were corrupt. But one of them could boot into X, and I was one of the few people borking on it that knew how to xforward.
  • Bought 3 T-shirts
    • The HOPE 6 shirt
    • An MC Frontalot Nerdcore Rising Tour shirt
    • A babydoll tee that says "The Internet is a Series of Tubes" with an illustration of a uterus (including ovaries and fallopian tubes).
      • Needless to say, that last one's for Erin
  • QSO'ed with the special event call sign N6H. I'm going to try to ping them from here when I'm done with my shower.
  • Ran into a couple I met at the Pride Parade
Any questions? Ask.


Jun. 26th, 2006 11:21 am
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Did the usual 1.5 mi. jog in about 18 mins. Not bad for going to bed at 2:15a and getting up at 6:30a.

The Pride parade was a lot of fun. Ended up marching with [livejournal.com profile] shoujo_mallet
and her lady friend Nina and the latter's ex, whose name currently escapes me. We marched with Poly-NYC, which was cool. I only marched from 47th to 14th, at which point I got off the route to have linner with [livejournal.com profile] cyruska and [livejournal.com profile] kitty_trie. Always a good time.

In addition, all this heat, humidity, and walking has been doing a number on certain portions of my skin. BUT NOW I HAVE BABY POWDER, so there!


Mar. 27th, 2006 10:56 pm
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  • Fail to make a complete fool of yourself—check
  • Have a good time—check
  • Hug—check
  • Have chocolate—check
  • Make noises about wanting to do such again—check
    • actually make plans—uncheck :-(
  • Snuggle—uncheck
All in all, rather successful, I believe. I also believe that it may have been wiser to come up with this checklist before the actual event.

Ah well.
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