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I was performing some kind of experiment up in the Arctic. It was a comms/radio experiment much like the one we're doing down here in GA right now. For a while, we were all (30-50 people) working in one location, then we traveled to another location, and as we were returning to base (on a truck-pulled convoy of personal sleds [about 0.5m square) we passed that original location, and I saw that I left my laptops there, namely, this one, and a work one. I was able to grab the work laptop while we were sledding, but I missed my personal one. Fgrir Qnivqfba (one of the guys in charge at my current experiment, and a Enlgurba employee) was in front of me, and called for a halt for me. Everyone piled off in excitement that our journey was paused, and I retrieved my laptop.

I'll take, "I've been here for too long" for $200, Alex.

PS: I have used ROT-13 to Google-proof key details.
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I've been here for nearly a week now, and I feel I can make some pronouncements:
1) There are a whole lot of pawn shops, loan companies, title loan companies, and such. I guess that speaks to the poorness down here? I wonder how many of the people that patronize these institutions could save tremendous amounts of money by not doing so.
2) Rush hour here moves much faster than back home. You'd think this would be a good thing, but it feels just as congested as the NYC metro area, just we're going 60 instead of 5. This, plus the construction, makes for very stressful driving
3) I still feel a little weird watching soldiers go by. Like they're too conspicuous, so I have to look away, just like I did in the city. I suppose after some more time, I'll get familiar with them, and this will go away. It'd be best if this went away by Monday, though, when I have to give a class to 25 of them. (And again on Thursday, and again on Friday.)
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There is a guy out in front of our building today, protesting. He's across the street, on public sidewalks, so it's absolutely legit, but it's a little strange. He's wearing hunter's camo (i.e. screen printed pictures of trees and leaves, not the pixel camo or the patches camo that actually work), and has a sandwich board and a sign. He's been there all day from 8am, and I'm pretty sure he's still there now.

The front of the sign says "PERJURY", "FELONY", and "FIRE CEO YBERATRE*" with the famous Obama/Joker picture in the middle. The back of the sign says something along the lines of, "Watch out, Terrorists Ahead!" The front of the sandwich board says "VGG* DISCRIMINATES AGAINST AMERICANS!" And the back of the board implies our company should "DEPORT" all H-1B visa holders.

The really, really ridiculous thing is that we have no foreign nationals in this building, let alone H-1B holders. We have very particular rules about who is allowed in the building, and when foreign nationals are in, we are all alerted and must not discuss business in hallways, and so forth.

I'm not annoyed by him, as he's providing exactly no nuisance, but I am amused at the lack of research he did, and I wonder what corner he came from. My coworkers theorize he applied for a job here and was turned down. They also joked it was a recently (well, actually about a year ago) laid-off mutual coworker, but it's not.

* All identifying marks have been ROT-13 encoded for Google-protection.
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My coworkers are discussing various methods of avoiding getting raped, should they end up in jail. The amount of agreement with the sentiment that suicide is preferable to (forced) anal sex disturbs me. "Yeah, I'll be dead, but at least I'll be an ass-virgin."

They also all agree that I would not be able to defend myself in prison.
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Not sleeping (not insomnia, just lack of time spent in bed)
Walking around
Back pain
Getting married (soon)
Work slowness
Difficult decisions
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I keep forgetting to mention that I defeated the poison ivy by the train near work. See, winter can be good!
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So it appears that there is some major problem with the test I'm currently running at work, but the bigger problem is that while my coworkers were trying to debug the issue yesterday, they managed to trip the breaker for our bench's UPS, causing the whole thing to shut down. Now I have to bring the bench up from a cold boot, which is always fun. Luckily, someone already reset the breaker, which is good, because I wouldn't want to flip the wrong switch on the UPS!

There's snow on the ground here. It was wet in Secaucus. Dry in Harlem, if I remember right, which is doubtful as my memory doesn't work so well at 6:30a.

Missed the MSI show last night due to a bunch of unforeseen circumstances. At least I have a few albums of theirs on my work computer.

No one's online, but it's good because I need to finish what I'm working on so I can... I guess retry the broken test yet again?
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I'm not really sure what 'herm' is, nor why it might be on a disused Verizon cart.

I really need to stop going to bed so late. Especially now that I have class again. When I get to work, I need to remember to print out this week's reading. Yeah, I should've read it over the past 2 weeks when I didn't have class, but that would have required remembering to copy the assignment onto another sheet of paper, which is evidently too difficult.

I hope I don't pass out at work or at class. Also, it's beginning to look a lot less likely that I'll hit my train leaving Penn, which will prove that searching for where I left my umbrella this time was a totally great use of my time. My own fault for trying to fix my computer by nearly breaking Erin's instead of getting ready for today. Never mind, I made it with about 30 sec. to spare.

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A lovely piece commenting on and written on a SVA ad.

Shifting my sleep schedule this week is sucking a whole lot thus far. Saturday night fun kept me away from home and distracted until nearly 4. (Don't misunderstand me, it was a very good time, I should have just been more careful.) Last night chores and TV kept me up past 1. This morning sees me up at 540, like usual. Maybe I need some caffeine, or maybe I need a kick in the head to be more responsible with my sleep patterns. Tonight, I have TKD in Brooklyn with Howard. I should go straight home after that, as I'm often tempted to go to my parents', which always gets me home late.

School still hasn't refunded me the 3k they owe me and my credit card bill is due in about 2 weeks. I'm rather annoyed, as you might imagine. I sent an email asking for further info on Thursday (previous messages said the refund period was starting on the 8th). If I don't hear from them today, I'll be calling my CC company and disputing the charge.

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Below is a very happy sight. NJTransit turns off signal lights when there are no trains around. So it is very nice to see the lights come on at 1130, telling you that you're about to head home.

I just got my mom one of her birthday presents. I think I'll install it tonight so she won't have to deal with it. Also because I'm a cheapskate and got her an open box version. Gotta love Best Buy. I plan to get her some other things, and split it with one of my brothers. Sounds fun, right?

Being on 2nd shift has screwed up a lot of my normal routine. I'm down to 2-3 big meals a day, instead of 5-6 small ones, for instance. I also haven't been posting nearly as much. And I've been lazy at work because there's no support. Whatever, I'll be back on 1st shift next week, and all will be good.

I also picked up 'Foot Fist Way', which was hilarious in theatres and I can't wait to show to Howard and Pat. I think they'll get a kick out of it as the lead does everything wrong.

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Isn't it lovely? Found a few months ago in Penn Station.

Time to be a fanboy: Dorian Spencer is now in the final 2 on NYC Soundtracks! Vote for him on msg.com/soundtracks
Voting continues through 8p tonight. Do it!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Yesterday was a slow day filled with chores. Which is a good thing, especially as one of those chores was laundry, something that needed to be done pretty badly. Erin went with a friend of hers to a museum in Jersey, as she was expecting me to be working. I was going to work on Saturday, but our test got stuck on Friday in such a way that we needed Software's help to fix it, and all the relevant people had gone home for the weekend. I'm not sure what my benchmate did that night, but I know it had nothing to do with that test.

2 days to my birthday, and I still haven't got any plans made. So very lazy. Or busy. Or tired. I think I'll be working 2nd shift next week. That'll be interesting, for the variety, at least.

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Please note the melted light. Also note that the light is still on, even after melting its casing.

Yesterday got better as the day went on. I finally got moved off the test I've been troubleshooting for a week, and we got to try a new one, AND quickly found the bug in the test plan that hopefully will allow us to pass it. If it has passed, there's a good chance we won't have to come in this weekend, because we've finished this round of testing. Or maybe we'll pick up another bench's, and hopefully finish that one today. The overtime pay is nice, but I'd like to get to TKD this weekend if I can.

Speaking of, I'm pretty sure I broke my toe yesterday in practice by landing funny during a jump in a form. Stupid carpeted room. I've splinted it because it's all nice and swollen and purple (that's what she said), but it doesn't hurt. I sent in a photo last night, but it hadn't posted by bed. I took some Advil last night to handle some of the swelling. I should do the same at work today.

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I did not need a message, signed 'US Govt' on my whiteboard in the lab criticizing my work ethic and negatively comparing me to my benchmate, while mocking my habits (tea, many meals, etc.).
I did not need a (accidentally) passive-agressive note from Erin over my Graffiti Wall (regarding my cleanliness habits).
But I especially did not need 3 different species of roach crawling around in the clean silverware drawer.

Needless to say I freaked a little, though I had enough presence of mind not to crush them into the utensils. All the utensils are now clean, including the ones I used for breakfast this morning. Turns out I do have time to do such things in the morning (I didn't think I did).

I feel bad for getting all wound up last night though. I yelled at Erin, which she totally didn't deserve. I couldn't sleep because I felt so angry and guilty (<4hrs). And tonight I'll be going to a free Dorian Spencer concert. I'm not very good at this sleep thing.

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It's a handful of pint glasses. In front of a school. An elementary school. Stay classy, Jersey.

Totally not ready for work today. Running supervised tests is the absolute worst. Everything moves so slowly, and I need to explain my every move, and I need to do everything as written. I'm really disliking it right now, but I'm guessing that has a lot to do with how very awesome TKD in the Mountains was. Work does not even begin to compare unfavorably.

I had one of my procedures put up for revision today. Not fun, because it's not something within my normal purview, and while I wrote it over 6 months ago, and asked for revisions at that time, now I have all these Senior people & The Customer asking me why I didn't do it correctly in the first place.

And I paid for school and not 4 hours later, one of the two classes was cancelled. Now Stevens just got a payment from me that is twice the size it should be.

Can I go back to the Mountains now? Or at least to bed?

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There isn't much more to say about the photo than the subject line.

Loud drums are about to start here on the train. They, strangely enough, are loud.

Overall a good day, well outside of work. Did the shopping I needed to do, got a Zipcard, and had a nice dinner with my family. My trains leaving Jersey, however, were extremely delayed, so I missed practice w/ Howard.

Work was a problem thanks to the two blackouts we had. All our test equipment rebooted, as did all the relevant network hardware, so not only were our stations screwed up, but we couldn't even surf the web to entertain ourselves while we waited, fruitlessly for the situation to improve.

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I played with the exposure on this one. I had to because the sign was too dark. Of course this blows out the background, but I think it looks good in this case.

I didn't turn on my alarm last night, because I am An Genius. So, normally in that situation I might call in sick, but in this case, and at least in part because I have school, I'll just take 2 hrs Personal Business, and get in at the same time as my intern of the same name.

I have another photo that I sent myself to clean up, but I don't know how much of the motion blur I'll be able to get rid of.

For the fashionistas among you, I've got a cream shirt, khaki pants and socks, and brown belt and shoes. Monochrome FTW. Maybe.

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Erin has a shirt just like this, but it says Queens instead. I forgive her. She got hers from the Queens Museum of Art. This one I found in the window of Brooklyn Tattoo on Smith Street.

Things have been quite busy lately. But you already knew that. I only worked 7 hours overtime yesterday, so I'm going in .5 hours early at least for today and tomorrow to actually get paid for showing up yesterday. See, in order to get overtime, we need to do at least 8 hours in a week. Of course, as salaried folk, we should count ourselves lucky that we get any overtime pay at all.

Yesterday practice in NJ was nice. It's really convenient versus where I work, so if I'm gonna be stuck in Jersey anyways, I'm glad I can get some practice in.

I don't know much about the NJTransit system, aside from the very small slice I use. It annoys me that I cannot provide the same level of info as I know about the Subway, for instance.


Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:54 am
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I dig the book these statues are contemplating.

New train schedules out today. They don't seem to affect my commute, even on Sundays. I'm starting to contemplate whether I want to start doing my overtime by coming in early during the week instead. I really like the idea of a 2-day weekend. On the other hand, in order to do that, I have to get to work on the 550 train from Penn. Which is a little bit earlier than my current 745 train.

The past few days I've been feeling kinda down on myself. I've got no reason why, of course, which only makes it more frustrating. I just want to sleep for a few days. Not really an option, that. The best part is that I've started feeling guilty for all the time I'm wasting in this little hole of ick. And of course, only an ass would waste so much time on this self-indulgent crap.

I'm sure a full work day w/ no lunch break so I can leave earlier will improve my mood immensely.

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Looks like someone had a good time in the street near my house. I guess that either a contractor was very bored, or someone else in the neighborhood has some electric orange paint.

I don't really have a lot of news. Yesterday I went to work. Today I go to work. I'm heading in early today because a Customer is coming in that is known to show up around 8. It's not a total loss, as it means that I'll be able to leave a little early, and hopefully get myself a much-needed haircut. I have this tendency to get it cut shorter than I like it, and let it grow out longer than I like it. This means I get a haircut every 3-4 months or so. But it also means that by this time, I'm ready to lop it all off.

I finished Picross again. I love downloadable content! I guess that means back to Space Invaders Extreme. It's been a while, but I hope to hit the credits for the first time soon.

I'm not so sleepy for a Monday morning. I expect work will change that. I've got a morning of calculations to go.

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Found this on 10th street and 3rd avenue in Manhattan. Not sure what it refers to, so I guess I should Google it. I tried to do that before with another piece I found, turned up nothing, and now the tagger left me a comment calling me a 'negative blogger'. I'll link to it once I've finished my response, which will be something along the lines of 'nothing against you, but that tag wasn't particularly good.'

Finally Friday has arrived, so only 8 more hours in the office. I've been very dumb about going to bed lately, so I'm rather sleepy. I'm eager for my weekend, even if it's one day instead of 4.

I guess that it's official: the Internet is real. I've now had two random real-world encounters based on my entries (the above and the sofa incident). Does this officially make me a blogger? ;-)
In all seriousness, I'm a little amazed at how much trying to post a photo every day has changed my relationship to LJ, as well as significally increased my chances of getting randomly contacted.

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