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... It's a civilization thing. I found this in the men's room at school (who, I just found out, reimbursed my CC on the 3rd!). I wonder whose passive-aggressive note this is. I'm sure you've all seen passiveaggressivenotes.com, right? That site makes me feel guilty, because I leave a few notes for my roommates. But It's not like I can just talk to them - I'm never home when they are, and I don't want to directly accuse people when they are not at fault, and 1-on-1 facetime is extremely inefficient when you have 6 roommates.

Wow, defensive much?

I got a whole bunch of laundry done and even some ironing. That is one of the things that TV is good at: passive delivery of content. With the web, I likely would have had to keep clicking to keep the entertainment flowing, which is not as good for ironing.

I forgot my DS at home today, so I guess It's a newspaper day. It's unfortunate, as I've been doing a lot of owning in Picross lately. I need to remember to get the latest new puzzles!

No Dumping

Oct. 3rd, 2008 07:37 am
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Found at a car wash near Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. Pretty awesome.

The debate last night was fun in certain ways. Biden clearly won, but he did it with class by letting Palin go off on her own tangents and by trying to force her to ad lib. However, what was up with her repeated need to change topics? Especially without segue.

I guess this post will be short, as I'm sleepy and I have about 100 new Picross puzzles on my DS and about 50 left to download.

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This one, like many I post, is from the 125th Street station. Is this a reference I don't get? Are they in two different hands, and if so, is this a genuine conversation?

Yesterday I did the arithmetic and found out how little the actual dollar cost of the bad money handling issue is, and I feel quite a bit better. I mean, even holding two grand on the card for an extra month is still less than $20.

Last night I had a date, which ended around 11. What I should have done was go to bed at that time. What I did was play Rock Band 2 with Erin, Chris, and Rob. Another 1a night. So I'll probably bail on dinner with the TKD folk tonight so I might get to bed. I'll be hungry, but I'll be sleeping.

Great, I just hit my ankle running into this train. Thanks a lot, LI jerks who don't know how to walk, delaying me just enough to get hit by the closing door. To be fair, if I'd been aware of the time, I could've started running earlier. So it's my fault, too.

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This is what happens when you steal a man's torso.

As these past 2 weeks have been 2nd shift, I've managed to break all the good habits I've been developing lately. For instance, I'm now back to 3 big meals instead of 5-6 small ones, and I stopped posting a picture to LJ every weekday. I wonder if I'll be able to get them back after I return to my normal schedule.

I don't have any nifty tales, as my life has been TKD and work and commuting lately. Because of the rain last night, I did not return to my apartment, opting to sleep at my parents' house instead.

I'd love to comment on the political situation right now (bailout, McCain suspension, &c.), but it all seems so surreal, I feel I must be missing something. I will say this: the FDIC cannot fail. With that piece of information, you should feel confident that you'll be able to get your deposits at any time.

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When the MTA paints over your tag, the correct solution is to complain about their choice of paint.

My TKD teacher, Howard will be giving a free Self-Defense Workshop this upcoming Thursday at 7:30p at his studio in Brooklyn. I wish I could go myself, but I'll be working 2nd shift.

I've decided that I much prefer mass transit to driving. I still like to drive, in general, but for commuting I find taking the train to be very superior. Next week, I will try to minimize the number of trips taken by car, which will likely include leaving the car at work one night. This will reduce the amount of time spent parking (which is substantial in Carroll Gardens around midnight) while allowing me to get to Howard's noontime classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

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This is a nice long tag. I forget what it says, but hopefully I'll be able to read it when I get home tonight (work blocks LJ's photo service, but nothing else from there).

Tomorrow my (privacy-aware) friend D. from RIT is coming to visit NYC for a few hours between his bus and his plane. Aside from offering him my shower, since he was just on an overnight bus ride, what do you suggest I show a quiet geekish guy from Texas who is only staying for like 9 hours and will need to get to LGA?

Also this weekend Erin may be heading to Saloncon, but not as a steampunker. I hope she can make it, as I think she'll have an awesome time. If she can't, I guess we'll try to have one :-)

I think my post yesterday got eaten. If that's so, I'll try to repost it at lunch today.

Time to go back to 'Salt: A World History'.

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This is one of the few times I'll post about politics so blatantly and without citation. Probably because it's sticker graf. I am unaware of any accusations of war crimes against Mr. McCain, although Vietnam was one hell of a war. I do like this sticker, likely because of it's simple design and the way it echoes old ad tag lines.

I'm not really sure what I have to talk about now. I was really sleepy, but I managed to leave the house with everything I need, including the latest Dresden book for a good re-read.

Everybody ready for a good rain today? What about the end of the world tomorrow? I'm kidding about the latter; I don't actually think the Large Hadron Collider will end the world, but if it does, it won't be for another month, when they actually do collisions with the beam they're turning on tomorrow.

I'm glad I have class tonight, as it's really fun, but I'm not glad I have to walk in the rain to get there. Especially as I'll be looking for dinner-ish things at the time.

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You're going to need to click on this one to see its full glory.

I had a dream last night, but I remember very little of it except that I was killing a small creature. I don't know if it was a fish or rodent. I was killing it by smashing it on something, and I recall notching its eye and remarking on the gash. Sorry for the downer.

Today is the last day I'll be able to go to TKD class for a week, thanks to the holiday.

Does anyone know of a place that does good, on-demand-ish satellite photography? Do they offer framed prints? I'm looking for a nice, hi-res photo of a particular location, but Google Earth only draws upon a crummy 15m shot from 1999. I'm hoping for at least a 3m one, ideally better than 1m. Thanks!

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Seriously, I was trying to get a photo of the drawing outside the train, not the lady reading. Both are nice, of course.

I need to get some extra sleep tonight. My throat really hurts, only on one side, though. Also my typing and tetris are shot. Still, I'll be dumb, and go to dinner w/ the TKD folk before home. And waking up early to leave work early to pack for the Mountains.

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Found these on 6th Ave, near 34th street. They're delightfully incoherent. I forget what phone booth ads they were pasted over, but I think one was a trashy reality show.

My friend Andrew form TKD will be staying w/ me and Erin for a few days before the mountains trip, and for a few days after. It'll be nice to see him, but I think he'll be bored because both Erin and I work during the day.

I keep forgetting to bring MSI's If to work to rip it. Oh well. It's a pretty sweet album, as usual for them. Erin and I first listened to it while driving about on Saturday. I was worried I'd speed, but all went OK.

When I tried this 2-page posting method before, I noticed the 2nd page of text disappears, but both images are displayed, so that's how there are 2 photos here, instead of the normal 1.

Didn't bring a book today. Maybe I'll be able to do the extra posting required to free up some space on my phone. Any requests?


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Found at the 125th St. Station. I like the contrast between the green and the pink, and between the pink and the font, and between the pink and the text. I've gotta get better at reading graf, though. I can read the tag line easily, but not the tag itself.

Yesterday, my professor canceled class, so I was able to run home and go to TKD at Fordham. Which was great, as usual.

Howard had his knee surgery yesterday, and I hear from Pat that he's doing well, so that's good. This procedure is so minor he expects to be able to have class on Saturday and Sunday. I hope so, too.

This week at work, we're passing lots of tests, which is good. 2 weeks ago we had very little motion, and both Test and Software were being criticised for not communicating. Nothing's changed, just the build we've got now is worlds better than what we've been having. Starting this afternoon, we'll be building the meta-bench, mark 2. Exciting days to come, indeed!

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Looks like someone had a good time in the street near my house. I guess that either a contractor was very bored, or someone else in the neighborhood has some electric orange paint.

I don't really have a lot of news. Yesterday I went to work. Today I go to work. I'm heading in early today because a Customer is coming in that is known to show up around 8. It's not a total loss, as it means that I'll be able to leave a little early, and hopefully get myself a much-needed haircut. I have this tendency to get it cut shorter than I like it, and let it grow out longer than I like it. This means I get a haircut every 3-4 months or so. But it also means that by this time, I'm ready to lop it all off.

I finished Picross again. I love downloadable content! I guess that means back to Space Invaders Extreme. It's been a while, but I hope to hit the credits for the first time soon.

I'm not so sleepy for a Monday morning. I expect work will change that. I've got a morning of calculations to go.


Jul. 14th, 2008 07:59 am
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It's an interesting sticker, to be sure. I have to wonder, though: is it telling us to avoid free speech, or is it declaring 'AVOIDπ' to be free speech?

Last night, Erin and I saw Hellboy 2, and we both thought it was pretty good. It was fun and visually stunning. The only problem was the huge amount of foreshadowing gave away many of the plot points. It looks to me that they're making ready for a 3rd apocalyptic film. I'm excited.

Today is not a good day for my fitness regimes. I failed week 3 day 1 again, so I'm going to have to go back to week 2. I think I'll do it at a higher level, to better prepare me for week 3 take 2. I also left my pedometer at home. I mean I even wore that thing to Tom's wedding.

Speaking of, Tom's going to be staying at our place for HOPE, which I'm excited about. Also, since it's security-related, I get to take a paid day off work as 'Training'. Beat that!

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Found this on 10th street and 3rd avenue in Manhattan. Not sure what it refers to, so I guess I should Google it. I tried to do that before with another piece I found, turned up nothing, and now the tagger left me a comment calling me a 'negative blogger'. I'll link to it once I've finished my response, which will be something along the lines of 'nothing against you, but that tag wasn't particularly good.'

Finally Friday has arrived, so only 8 more hours in the office. I've been very dumb about going to bed lately, so I'm rather sleepy. I'm eager for my weekend, even if it's one day instead of 4.

I guess that it's official: the Internet is real. I've now had two random real-world encounters based on my entries (the above and the sofa incident). Does this officially make me a blogger? ;-)
In all seriousness, I'm a little amazed at how much trying to post a photo every day has changed my relationship to LJ, as well as significally increased my chances of getting randomly contacted.

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Found in Fairway on this long weekend. Apparently, this juice brand one of my roommates really likes is full of rich conservatives.

On Wednesday, two very important ladies went to the hospital. You may have already heard of Erin's sprained back, and how she was forbidden from sitting or laying down for days.

My mom also went to the hospital that day with what turned out to be cellulitis. Over the next few days the infection spread from an injection site on her foot almost all the way up her leg. Obviously it hurt a lot. Luckily, the fascia do not appear to be infected, and the redness and swelling have gone back down to being just on her foot. Still hurts, though. Because of this, she missed the swim on Saturday. Needless to say, we're all rather pissed at the Dr that gave her the injection that touched this all off. Hopefully she will recover soon.

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I don't think that the scrawled response, 'drink water,' came through very well. The Peanut Board wants you to know that they can help you through the 3-o'clock slump. One New Yorker disagrees.

I went jogging this morning with Erin. Very short trip at a moderate pace. I just wanted to give her the opportunity to get a run done and give me the chance to loosen up a bit for my run tomorrow. Unfortunately, I've got to get in early tomorrow because we're meeting at the guardhouse at 4:15, where I usually leave work just before 5.

The Portable Atheist has been getting much more readable now that I'm in contemporary works. But, there are still some pieces that are worth skipping. Like one piece was solely a critique of some other work, not included in this collection for obvious reasons. I know I Should seek out this referenced work myself & then return, but I can't be bothered. Oh, and Richard Dawkins is much less annoying in print than he is on YouTube.

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Found in a Borders bathroom. I've not obscured the phone number, so he you really think calling it is a good idea, you can. I hope this one comes out clearly - low light and mirror surfaces both suck separately, and they don't get any better together.

The past two days I've been trying (under gentle prodding) to file away the contents of some of my boxes & my books. The books were the easy part: just pick a scheme & stick to it. My desk and boxes, on the other hand, were hell, and for no good reason. I hate doing this kind of cleanup because I never can finish it in a reasonable amount of time & I always feel I end up undoing all my work when I put things away. It also impresses upon me my absolute inability to throw things out when I get them, or even properly file them. Take that w/ my extraordinarily low self-esteem of late and you have a cranky Peter cursing himself for keeping any of this shit. The state of my mind is likely not helped by the lack of sleep I got this weekend.

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Found this inside a men's room door at a place with pretty good wings but abysmal service. See, I was working 2nd shift Friday, and went w/ some of my teammates to a bar in Clifton. But before we could leave, the car got a flat. So how many Engineers does it take to change a flat? 4. Me to raise & lower the car & find the parking brake & directions, Dennis to loosen the bolts & switch wheels, Brennard to tighten with help on all steps by Vikas. It was Brennard's Benz (his dad works for them).

Tonight the weather breaks!

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Found in the 23rd St. 8th Ave. station, northbound platform, around 24th St. I hope you can read the text, as it was pretty interesting.

Lately, thanks in part to the end of my school year & Erin's graduation, we've had a little more time to do things. This week we went to a knife skills class & saw 'Foot Fist Way'.

The class was very interesting, and I feel I learned a lot. Like how to cut an onion properly, reducing (but not eliminating) the amount of irritation. And how to cut a bagel without killing yourself. (Show of hands: how many of you thought of BDSM when I said 'Knife Skills'? And how many thought of martial arts?)

The movie was pretty good. I was worried I wouldn't like it as it's one of those awkward comedies that generally make me want to run away in sympathy rather than laugh. But in the end, I thought it was funny and sweet. I was probably one of the only people in the audience that recognised the forms as authentic. This film deserves more audience. Give it :-)

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It's a flower. Aren't you glad its a flower? This looks like a different style than our favorite proto-anarchists, who recently scrawled 'Live Free, Die Free,' on another bench, but I could be wrong. Maybe one of them has a new girlfriend or something.

I've been finding 'The Portable Atheist' rather slow going. Part of it is my natural bias against non-fiction, and part of it is the flowery prose of the Enlightenment. But the biggest part is annoyance is with sound bitey authors like Marx. He constantly does things like, 'It is not the A B, but rather the B A!' Granted, this provides a lot of catchy, punchy lines, but for this to go on for 8 pages of ranting about the 'German Situation' (which our editor has completely failed to tell up about) gets a little tiresome. The later 19th century is more bearable, and I took a quick trip to the 21st, just to take a rest, so I should be ok from here on in.

Erin and I did a knife skills class last night. I now feel much more able to cut stuff

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