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Facebook is now suggesting I become a fan of "Prayer In Schools," a group "To see how many people want the return of prayer to the public schools." Can I un-fan things?

I love the ignorant comments like, "I don't seem to remember having these kinds of problems back when we had prayer in schools," except that the first decision to restrict religious instruction in public schools was back in 1948, and the person who posted that was clearly in their mid-forties.
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Dan Bern has this lovely song called "God Said No". In it, our narrator asks God to go back in time to correct certain things he views as mistakes in time. For instance, to prevent Kurt Cobain's suicide or kill Hitler or save Jesus. God replies in the negative for all of these, telling our narrator what he would do instead of accomplishing these goals. But my favorite line is as follows:
God said, "Time,
Time belongs to me.
Time's a sacred weapon.
A final advantage."

In addition to Dan Bern's gorgeous vocals all throughout this piece, its truly haunting melody, and its grim subject matter all fit together in an amazing piece. It just reminds me that time is the one limited thing we have. I mean, sure, there's only so much gold, and only about 1 ounce of Francium in the Earth's crust at any given time, but most things are reasonably infinite to any given human, so long as they have enough time to get them.

One of the last lines is, "I knew I was beaten / And that now was all I have." And if that doesn't fit my Discordian Hedonist Atheist Humanist outlook, then I'm not really sure what does.
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Found these on 6th Ave, near 34th street. They're delightfully incoherent. I forget what phone booth ads they were pasted over, but I think one was a trashy reality show.

My friend Andrew form TKD will be staying w/ me and Erin for a few days before the mountains trip, and for a few days after. It'll be nice to see him, but I think he'll be bored because both Erin and I work during the day.

I keep forgetting to bring MSI's If to work to rip it. Oh well. It's a pretty sweet album, as usual for them. Erin and I first listened to it while driving about on Saturday. I was worried I'd speed, but all went OK.

When I tried this 2-page posting method before, I noticed the 2nd page of text disappears, but both images are displayed, so that's how there are 2 photos here, instead of the normal 1.

Didn't bring a book today. Maybe I'll be able to do the extra posting required to free up some space on my phone. Any requests?


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It started with the apple, then I added the pentagon and the rest of the Sacred Chao as well as 'hodge' and 'podge'. Then others chimed in. It was lovely. I also wore my 'Fnord' shirt and got a few compliments and one 'Hail Eris!'

Did I mention I enjoyed HOPE this year?

Tonight, Erin and I are planning to in see The Dark Knight. Should I buy the tickets in advance? We're really excited.

I'm also excited about the rain, as it has already taken some of the heat away, if not the humidity. Perhaps some more rain will come shortly to take the humidity? One can hope.

On readings

Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:50 am
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Found in 125 Street Station. No, I've not gone to the site.

I started reading 'The Portable Atheist', and I have to admit I feel very vulnerable when I do so on the train. I know it's not rational, but I recognise that atheists make up one of America's least favorite minorities. Don't believe me? There have been polls that showed that not only do a majority of Americans believe in angels, but an overwhelming majority believe that atheists are unfit to be president, or to teach.

Rational or not, I'm most worried that a casual aquaintance will think less of me for not needing or wanting a Supreme Being in my life. Frankly, I do not understand what triggers the Theistic Question in the first place. But back to my paranoia for a moment - see how ingrained the concept of 'atheism = moral failing' is? And this from a lifelong atheist.

Oh, and I want to talk about theodicy for a moment. Pope Guilty posted about it recently, and it turned out to be a word I'd been looking for. Out of space!

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"Keep your Jesus off my penis, I'll keep my penis off of you"
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Muslim Gays Seek Lesbians For Wives:
Very interesting.
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pope_guilty: My approach to religion is fairly obscur:
An excellent treatise on how and why I find Discordianism so appealing (n particular, the doctrine of Make Shit Up).
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sin )
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Inspired by an email

His Holiness the Reverend Peter Carena Gravelle Sr., 3 DAN, KSC, BSc EE, Technician Class (KC2DXE), Technical Support & Sales & IT Administrator
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Onward Christian Soldiers, indeed.
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my religion tells me to drink the kool-aid )
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Jack Chick, updated, and in color. At least he doesn't condone violence. Link has rel="nofollow" to prevent an effect in Google rank, however, I bet he's got a better rank than I, but that's what fruitless protest is all about
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