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I just downloaded Dr. Mario Online Rx and it is a good time! I can send you a limited demo version if you're already my Wii Friend. If you're not, become it!

My Dr. Mario Online Rx code is:
4099 0502 9063

Also, had a great time in the park today! Thanks all for coming out!
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Taken of an Acela train in Penn Station. Aren't we all looking for a quiet car? Like last night, on the subway, I was between two guys w/ their music so loud I could hear it as clearly as they could.

Last night's commute had another key problem: I missed my train out of work. My options were to wait over an hour in the cold late night, or call someone who could give me the number of someone who could give me the number of a co-worker that lives only lives 2 minutes away from work. Of course, I'll get made fun of even more relentlessly than normal, but I think it will be worth it in terms of the extra sleep and the ability to play Wii Fit.

Now off to Erin's graduation!

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My youngest brother says that Nintendo games are heavier than non-Nintendo ones. I think I may have bought one of the heaviest ones ever.

Working second shift today. I really appreciate that I can run errands on days like this, the Nintendo World release of Wii Fit. Erin is really excited about playing it, and as she's graduating tomorrow, she'll have tons of time for it. (While she's not looking for a job, or learning stuff on her own, or doing housework, &c.)

I've been reading 'Sissy Nation' lately, and while it is a fun read, the author has yet to present a solution out of our American Sissyhood. On the other hand, I'm less than 25 pages into a 165 page book, so that may be a little premature. :-)

To that end, back to the book.

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I think that I've been having a failure to post lately for a few reasons. A major one is that work is keeping me busy and keeping me away from computers (unlike the kind of busy that college kept me).

So let me tell you what I've been up to lately. At work I've been running a lot of tests on my new test bed. It's cute but fancy. I can give you some details in person, but I doubt any of you care what a "Linker" does and why it's cool I have one, even with so few radios. [PS, CS geeks, it's not the kind of linker you think it is.]

After work I have one of two things: Tae Kwon Do, or school. TKD has been good, mostly, although lately I had a crisis of confidence after a string of three practices with major flubs (completely forgot my form, kicked someone in the head, and something else, although I don't remember what that incident was). I worked through that, and ended up covering most of a Fordham class for Pat without a single flub, except for my usual speedy pace. School is good. I've just finished my fourth and fifth classes in a ten-course Masters, and it's only taken me a year to get this far. A two-year part-time no-charge-to-me Masters would be delicious. Let's hope I can keep up this pace.

This entire week I have off (support your local union), so, aside from the xmas extravaganza (Erin's extended family, followed by my extended family, followed by mass with Erin's immediate family, followed by sleep, and presents with each of our families), all I've had is TKD practice with [livejournal.com profile] angst_pirate. It's been lovely, but I still cannot seem to wake up not sore, and a little tired. I do believe it's largely the bed, but I'm worried that some of it may be linked to the new snoring that Erin's been hearing, so perhaps sleep apnea, which is scary shit.

My back's been very stiff the past few days, but it has been improving. Just gotta keep flushing my system with NSAIDs, keep my range of motion, and minimize impact.

Anyone have any particular beds they recommend? I'm thinking of possibly upgrading to a King.

Time to run! Have the fun.

PS: This entry brought to you by my lovely wireless USB keyboard and my good old Wii.
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Does anyone have a MIDI (or WAV, or MP3, or whatever) of the "you just completed a puzzle" sound from the Zelda games. I'm having a hell of a time finding it.



Dec. 8th, 2006 11:38 pm
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Made a new icon of me. My Mii. Currently set as default. We'll see how I like it.
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